List of Nurseries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Nurseries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE

Children bring a lot of happiness into the lives of the parents. They are innocent, divine. In today’s world full of competition, parents take the step to admit their kids to nurseries as soon and in some cases before the birth of the children. Nurseries do play an important role in the development of a child. They are the best places for a child to learn about networking, communication. Since the nurseries are governed in UAE, there is a good chance that you will find a quality nursery. However, being a parent, you must take right care and review the nursery before admitting your child there.

nurseries in dubai

Nurseries usually provide the following facilities to the pupil:

  • Library;
  • Play area indoors;
  • Play area outdoors;
  • Meals and healthy snacks;
  • Various socio-cultural events and festivals;
  • Field trips to zoos, parks;
  • Various options for curriculum like British, Indian, American, Montessori etc
  • Sports and games facilities and so on

In UAE, where most of the couples work, it is all the more important that the parents choose a suitable nursery for their children.
Gulfnews, brought forward an issue of My Guide in which they have listed the list of nurseries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and so on. Before you sign up to any nursery, make sure to enquire around and read reviews.

Below is the list of Nurseries along with their emirates and website.

Nurseries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Northern Emirates

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SchoolEmirateNursery Wesite Address
Al Dana NurseriesAbu DhabiNursery Website
Al Worood NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Apple Bee NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Blooming Buds NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Bright Beginnings NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Bright Kids NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
British Orchard NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Busy Bees NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Butterfly Montessori Pre SchoolAbu DhabiNursery Website
Clever Hands NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Dazzling Stars NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Edu Fun NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Family Developpment Foundation NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
First Steps School and NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Gaiae Nursery Abu DhabiAbu DhabiNursery Website
Great Memories NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Jigsaw Nursery & CrecheAbu DhabiNursery Website
Kids Fantasy NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Kidsz-Link International PreschoolAbu DhabiNursery Website
Kotwal's NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Ladybird NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Learning Spaces NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Les Fanfans NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Little Gemz International PreschoolAbu DhabiNursery Website
Little Smarties NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
My Baby NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
National NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Noah's Ark NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Pippen Park Day Care CenterAbu DhabiNursery Website
PlayhouseAbu DhabiNursery Website
Redwood Montessori NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Smart Learning NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Smart Starters International PreschoolAbu DhabiNursery Website
Stepping Stones NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Sunflower NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Sunny MeadowsAbu DhabiNursery Website
Teddy Bear American NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Vision NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Windsor Early Years NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Young World NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Al Ain American NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Al Ain Juniors NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Edu Fun NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
Headstart NurseryAbu DhabiNursery Website
House of ColoursAbu DhabiNursery Website
Aga Khan Early Learning Centre, DubaiDubaiNursery Website
Alphabet Street NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Ambassodor KingergartneDubaiNursery Website
Angel Heart NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Art Kid NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Aspin NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Asha For AutismDubaiNursery Website
Asya's NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Baby First NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Baby Land NurseryDubaiNursery Website
British Orchard NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Buidling BlocksDubaiNursery Website
Burj Daycare NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Cambridgeshire NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Children's Oasis NurseriesDubaiNursery Website
Child's Play NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Chubby Cheeks NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Cocoon NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Crystal Valley NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Dewdiros NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Dovecote NurseriesDubaiNursery Website
Dubai Early Child Development CentreDubaiNursery Website
Dubai Gem Private SchoolDubaiNursery Website
Emeral City NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Emirates Birtish NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Family and FriendsDubaiNursery Website
First StepsDubaiNursery Website
Four2Four Nursery & Day CareDubaiNursery Website
French Children's Nursery HouseDubaiNursery Website
GEMS Modern NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Golden Beach NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Golden Gate NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Gulf MontessoriDubaiNursery Website
Hartbeeps DubaiDubaiNursery Website
Hartland International SchoolDubaiNursery Website
Home Grown Children's Eco NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Hope MontessoriDubaiNursery Website
Hopscotch NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Horizon Kids NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Hummingbird Early Learning CentreDubaiNursery Website
Indigo Valley NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Inspire Children's NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Jebel Ali NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Jumeirah International NurseriesDubaiNursery Website
Kiddy Planet NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Kids AcademyDubaiNursery Website
Kids Academy UAEDubaiNursery Website
Kids KampusDubaiNursery Website
Kids Cottage NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Kid's Island NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Kids Palace NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Kids Spot NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Kids World Creative Learning CentreDubaiNursery Website
Kids world NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Kids Zone NurseryDubaiNursery Website
KidvilleDubaiNursery Website
Ladybrid NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Learning Land NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Little Champions NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Little Discoverers NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Little Feet Early LearningDubaiNursery Website
Little GEMS International School BarshDubaiNursery Website
Little GEMS International School SafaDubaiNursery Website
Little Hands Kids ClubDubaiNursery Website
Little Land NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Little Nest NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Little Panda's Early Learning CenterDubaiNursery Website
Little Scholars AcademyDubaiNursery Website
Little Star NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Little WondersDubaiNursery Website
Littlewoods NurseryDubaiNursery Website
London & Paris International NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Marina Village NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Meadows Village NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Mosaic NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Mother Care NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Mothers Pride Early Learning CenterDubaiNursery Website
My NurseryDubaiNursery Website
New Dubai NurseryDubaiNursery Website
New Safa NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Oakfileld Early Learning CentreDubaiNursery Website
Odyssey NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Old Town Nursery DubaiDubaiNursery Website
Olive Tree NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Orange Tree Children's NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Petit Bout' ChouDubaiNursery Website
Pristine Rainbow NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Rainbow Valley NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Royal Beach Nursery DubaiDubaiNursery Website
Safa KindergartneDubaiNursery Website
Sancastle NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Seashells NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Small Hands NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Samll World NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Smart Childrens NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Spectrum Nursery DubaiDubaiNursery Website
Step By Step NurseryDubaiNursery Website
super Kids Nursery/Day CareDubaiNursery Website
Tender Love and CareDubaiNursery Website
The Apple NurseryDubaiNursery Website
The Children's Garden Green CommunityDubaiNursery Website
The Children's Garden Kidnergarten BarshaDubaiNursery Website
The Children's Garden Kidnergarten JumeiraDubaiNursery Website
The Kensigton NurseryDubaiNursery Website
The Palms NurseryDubaiNursery Website
The Primary NurseryDubaiNursery Website
The Wonder Years NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Tiny Home Montessori NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Toddler Town British NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Toddlers International NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Willow Children's NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Woodbury Children's NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Yellow Brick Road NurseryDubaiNursery Website
Al Khaleej NurserySharjahNursery Website
Al Marah Children's Skills DevelopmentSharjahNursery Website
Al Shams Centre for People with DisabilitySharjahNursery Website
Basateen Preschool CenterSharjahNursery Website
Nog Nem Emg;soj MirseruSharjahNursery Website
Bluebells NurserySharjahNursery Website
British Islamic NurserySharjahNursery Website
British Orchard NurserySharjahNursery Website
Canadian PreschoolSharjahNursery Website
Delta NurserySharjahNursery Website
Dreamland NurserySharjahNursery Website
Kids Paradise NurserySharjahNursery Website
Kids World NurserySharjahNursery Website
Little Angel British NurserySharjahNursery Website
Little Feet NurserySharjahNursery Website
Little Scholars NurserySharjahNursery Website
Lolli Pop NurserySharjahNursery Website
Playdays British NurserySharjahNursery Website
Shining Stars NurserySharjahNursery Website
Step NurserySharjahNursery Website
Tender Moments Kids NurserySharjahNursery Website
Victoria English NurserySharjahNursery Website
Bluebells NurseryNorthern EmiratesNursery Website
Butterflies NurseryNorthern EmiratesNursery Website
Kids Zone NurseryNorthern EmiratesNursery Website
Little Oxford Nursery and Day CareNorthern EmiratesNursery Website
Super Baby NurseryNorthern EmiratesNursery Website
The Right Start NurseryNorthern EmiratesNursery Website
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  • Let your child get the best learning experience from one of the best nurseries in Abu Dhabi. Jack and Jill nursery provides your children the care they need.

  • This your site help a lot..sir I’m waiting for my visa as in processing and I have a little body rashes can I be allow to work at uae

  • ” My husband and I toured a lot of nurseries in Dubai and nothing felt like the ‘right fit’ until we toured Mosaic. Once we walked in we knew at once we were home. The teachers and the entire staff are so kind, warm, caring and passionate about what they do. You can see and feel this. My son who is 3 cannot wait to go to school to see his teacher and all of his friends.

    I know the education he is receiving will create a great foundation for his entire future. I have recommended the nursery to many friends, we are happy with our decision to send our son to Mosaic”

  • I have been sending my son to Bright Kids Nursery in Bain Al Jesrain. I am quite happy with the staff, hygiene and environment. They have caring and welcoming staff and large garden with nice playground that my son enjoys a lot.

    I highly recommend.

    Father of Ivan

  • Dear Sir / Madam,
    My aim is to work in a highly professional environment, where I can enhance and utilize my Education and knowledge which i have pursued from my experienced and education in the field of EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) along with teaching in nursery education And adding value to the institution.
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    Currently i am running my own Montessori in Karachi Pakistan in the name of “Happy Day Montessori” since 2009.I have more than 10 years of experience in the same field.
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