List of Government Departments in Dubai

Government Departments in Dubai

list of dubai government departments

Government Departments are an essential part any country and UAE is not different. In Dubai, the Government Departments serve various needs of the citizens and residents like Visa, Naturalisation, Police, Water and Electricity etc. Besides providing these facilities, these departments also provide employment opportunities to UAE Nationals as well as expatriates. While the main focus of employment is for UAE nationals, these departments may also employ people from other countries.

It is better to check regularly the career page of these departments.

These departments are divided into division like: Government, Public Corporation, Law Enforcement etc.

To make it easier, below is a list of Government Departments in Dubai. There are actually more than 70 Government Departments in Dubai. I will add them as I get more information on these Government Departments.

Hope this helps.

S noGovernment OrganisationDepartmentWebsite
1Department of Economic DevelopmentGOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTSWebsite
2Department of FinanceGOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTSWebsite
3Department of Tourism and Commerce MarketingGOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTSWebsite
6Dubai Smart DepartmentGOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTSWebsite
7Dubai Government Human Resources DepartmentGOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTSWebsite
8Dubai MunicipalityGOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTSWebsite
10Financial Audit DepartmentGOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTSWebsite
11Islamic Affairs and Charitable ActivitiesGOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTSWebsite
13Protocol Department of DubaiGOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTSWebsite
14The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs DepartmentGOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTSWebsite
16Awqaf and Minors Affairs FoundationPUBLIC CORPORATIONSWebsite
17Dubai Corporation for Ambulance ServicesPUBLIC CORPORATIONSWebsite
18Dubai Export Development CorporationPUBLIC CORPORATIONSWebsite
19Dubai Government WorkshopPUBLIC CORPORATIONSWebsite
20Dubai Media IncorporatedPUBLIC CORPORATIONSWebsite
22General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-DubaiLAW ENFORCEMENT BODIESWebsite
23Dubai Electricity and Water AuthorityPUBLIC AUTHORITIESWebsite
24Community Development AuthorityPUBLIC AUTHORITIESWebsite
25Dubai Airport Free Zone AuthorityPUBLIC AUTHORITIESWebsite
26Dubai Civil Aviation AuthorityPUBLIC AUTHORITIESWebsite
27Dubai CulturePUBLIC AUTHORITIESWebsite
28Dubai Health AuthorityPUBLIC AUTHORITIESWebsite
29Knowledge and Human Development AuthorityPUBLIC AUTHORITIESWebsite
30Roads and Transport AuthorityPUBLIC AUTHORITIESWebsite
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