How do you get Birth certificate in Dubai?

How do you get Birth certificate in Dubai?

Birth of a child is a moment of great joy for the parents and the family of the new born. One of the first requirements is to obtain a Passport for the child. But in order to get a passport you need to get a birth certificate to be submitted to the respective consulate.

Here is an article on How do you get birth certificate in DUBAI?

After the birth of your child, do not rush to get the birth certificate. Wait till your wife and child have been discharged from the hospital and you have had a few days’ time to finalize a name for your child, before you proceed to get the birth certificate. However, do keep in mind that the maximum period to register your child’s birth is 30 days in UAE.

The hospital where your baby was delivered,  will issue a ‘notification of birth’ certificate in Arabic.

For an English birth certificate, go to Preventive Medicine Department at Al Baraha Hospital in Deira. Get an application form from the Birth Certificate Office (parking can be a hassle, so reach early in the morning).

A translator will type your application at the hospital.

All expatriates must get both the Arabic and English certificates attested by the Ministry of Health (at Al Baraha Hospital) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Consulate area, Bur Dubai). You will actually need to drive down to the location.
You need to provide the following documents: Original and copy of parents’ passports with residence visa, copy of attested marriage certificates and discharge summary from hospital.

That’s it.

Beware there are brokers who might try and lure you with service. Do not budge. Do it yourself so you will know what the procedure is(for the next time…).

You can do all these procedures within a day if you start early. I have not mentioned about the charges since they might vary.

Disclaimer: Please note that these procedures were true at the time I did this for my kid. You are requested to check with the relevant authority. I, in no way will be held responsible for any changes in the procedures at the current time.


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  1. Hi Deepak,

    I have one question I have Indian passport in my before marriage name, I have added my husband name in the spouse name. So will it be a problem for getting the birth certificate for my child ? As I have not changed my surname in the passport. ( we are planning to deliver in government hospital )
    Please help !!!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for your help Deepak. It is really helpful as we are in the process of registering our baby girl and to get her passport and visa.

    Only one more question I want to ask what is the best time in the morning one should be at Al Baraha Hospital to complete everything as early as possible so that on the same day one can not only attest the birth certificate but also can apply for the passport.

    One tip if someone finds it useful in MOFA if you have a lady with you who can go inside and attest the Birth certificate issued from Al Baraha Hospital Deira Dubai it will take one few minutes to get out as there is a separate counter for ladies. Do take your E payment card with you when going to MOFA…

    Thanks and regards,

    • Muhammad,
      I am not sure when the counter opens; but it is advised to go at around 9AM.
      Thank you for the tip.

  3. where can i get birth certificate for my chilld?, i gav birth in goverment hospital in sharjah, my child is already 9months old and my residence permit has expired,presently am on 7th months overstayed, although am ready to pay all my overstayed and exit the country as soon as possible but am scared that i may have issue getting the bith certificate, kindly help , your answer is very urgent.

  4. Hi
    What nationality they will write on birth certificate if me and husband are from different countries?

    • It will be upto the parents to decide. But do check with the respective embassy. I have a friend who is Belgian national and his wife is from Srilanka. They decided to give child dual nationality. But in most cases it will be single nationality.

  5. Did you hear about that child that was born on plane, he was named EK after the airlines … Everyone is good and safe now, the crew helped a lot and did a great job… There are even pages with this baby family tree and profile he’s still few days old and already a superstar

  6. i am looking for a job in emirates, now they want some medical exem from Baraha Hospital,Hospital friday is working or not?

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