Dubai Real Estate Laws

Dubai Real Estate Laws

Dubai is one the best places to live and work. The real estate is one of the very important sectors in Dubai.

The Real Estate laws in Dubai are being tested as the region is tries to adopt best practices in real estate market. Having said that, the Dubai government has been cautious and has released a number of laws regulating the real estate market.

On this page you could access various Real Estate laws that were implemented in Dubai.

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Dubai Real Estate Law No 9 of 2009

 Decree No 1 of 2009

 Law No 14 of 2008

 Law No 13 of 2008

 Law No 27 of 2007

 Law No 33 of 2008

 Decree No 30 of 2007

 Decree No 27 of 2007

 Law No 8 of 2007

 Law No 26 of 2007

Law No 85 of 2006

 Law No 21 of 2006

 Law No 7 of 2006

 Decree No 56 of 2009

 Directions for Association Constitution

Directions for Jointly owned Property Declaration




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