Documents required to apply for family visa in Abu Dhabi

Document required to apply for family visa in Abu Dhabi:

UPDATE: From 02-05-2014, the minimum salary required to sponsor a family is AED 10,000

  • Original passports for the family member-wife, children.
  • Take original and a 2 copies of Marriage certificate translated into Arabic by a Legal Translation firm. The original should be attested by the respective authorities like UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attestation by UAE Embassy in your respective country and so on.
  • Take original and a copy of Arabic birth certificate for your children. Legal translation and attestation if the certificate was not issued in UAE is required.
  • 2-3 copies of the dependent’s passports.
  • One(1) photograph each for the dependents.
  • Your original passport and copies for each of the dependent’s file.
  • Your original labour contract and salary certificate in Arabic from your Employer.
  • Tenancy contract has been made mandatory. Take your Tenancy contract with a stamp from Abu Dhabi Baladiya (Municipality) to be provided at the time of stamping.  If you are a Dubai Resident, you will need to take the original DEWA bill of the previous month. It is better to also get your tenancy contract attested at Land Department Dubai.

Hope these documents suffice when applying for the family visa in Abu Dhabi. Other Emirates also follow similar procedure. But please check with the respective department call centre. I provided these documents when I applied for my family visa.

I have previously written about the procedure to apply for family visa in Abu Dhabi. Read.

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  • Could you mention what is the procedure for Transfer of Residence visa from Father to husband? Is it better to cancel and apply or transfer the visa?

  • Fine but how to get Tenancy contract with a stamp from Abu Dhabi Baladiya (Municipality).

    • You need to visit the Baladiya(Municipality) and request them to stamp you tenancy contract.

    • Yes there is…since the rules are changing every other day. better check in the immigration.

  • What about the requirement of tenancy agreement for Ras Al Khaimah. As I want to apply the visa for my family and I have family visa status. My employment visa is sponsored by RAK investment board.

  • I appreciate if you can provide me the step by step of processing the stamp in tenancy contract. I have my tenancy contract with me.

  • how to transfer residance (now they have residancs visa from anothers sponsor) i want to apply for them visa in my sponsership (family visa), its required to cancilled their visa or it can transfer ?

    • Hi Ganesh, Yes they have to cancel the first visa then only you can take them on your sponsership.

  • sir,,could you mention how i will get tenancy agreement in abu dhabi…at present i am staying by company accommodation…let me know..please.

    • You have to take an apartment in your name on rent then only you will get tenancy contract. Other wise if you are staying in company accommodation you need to ask the company for tenancy agreement.

  • Sir, I want to renew my family residence visa of Abu dhabi, but i have a precious dubai tenancy contract, is it possible to renew abudahbi family residence visa on dubai tenancy contract ?

  • Sir I have my Marriage certificate translated in English and have stamped from my country foreign affairs and Pakistani embassy and from uae foreign affairs and Pakistan embassy . So I need to translate in Arabic again and have to make all Stamps and attestation on it ..

  • Hi Deepak,

    I am staying in Abu Dhabi on a Dubai visa. I intend to bring my family( wife and kid) here on a dependent visa. Is there any specifications on the tenancy contract required (municipality approved etc.)? Also is it mandatory to have utility bills in my name?


    • Yes you need to have a tenancy contract in your name to sponsor your family on residence visa

  • Dear Sir

    I am working in Abu Dhabi under Abu Dhabi private company sponsership and i took a house in sharjah and having Sharjah tenency contract.

    Can i get this Sharjah tenency contract stapmped by Abu Dhabi Ballidiya (Municipality)

    Best regards

    • NO you cannot get the Sharjah tenancy contract stamped by Abu Dhabi Municipality. It is a different emirate. Sharjah tenancy contracts need to be attested at Sharjah. Same is applicable for respective emirates.

  • I have tenancy contract from dubai attested by Ejari – Land department. I would like to apply for family residence visa in Abu dhabi so can I apply based on dubai tenancy contract? Plz reply at earliest.

    • Since the rules are changing day by day i cannot give specific answer. But you can go personally and try in immigration there is no harm in checking.

  • Hi there

    Can any one tell the required documents needed to brieng my wife and kid to UAE.

    My visa is from abu dhabi and my tanancy contract and dewa bill assasted is from dubai as i am working and leaving in dubai.

    I have my marriage certificate assasted by UAE embassy and forign affairs and translated in arabic.

    I have my labour contract
    I have the salary certificate
    I have my wife and child passport copy and photograph

    My child birth certificate is not assasted


  • My visa was issued from AbuDhabi and i work in Ajman and also stays in Ajman. Now i would to bring my family to Ajman from India. Is it mandatory to have AbuDhabi tenancy contract for applying the family visa…? or my Ajman tenancy contract will help in applying for family visa..

    • Yes as per the new rule it is mandatory if you have a residence visa in Abu dhabi you should have a tenancy contract in Abu Dhabi only. However, I think this rule applies to Government workers only who get House rent allowance. I know of people living in Dubai, Sharjah while they work in Abu Dhabi.

  • My husband doing job in abu dhabi and I am doing job here and I have my company visa not my husband visa I start my job 4sep2013 but I wana quiet my tell me how I stay? How apply wife visa

    • since you have a residence visa from the company you can ask your company to cancel your visa and ask your husband to sponsor you.

  • my family now in tourist visa in Abu Dhabi. I am plan to take residence visa, is it possible to get visa, if they are in Abu Dhabi or must exit?

  • Dear Mr.Deepak, I am trying to bring my family to Dubai next month(wife and daughter(4 months old).I took already the flat(STUDIO) in Dubai.and i make EJARI attestation my tenancy contract.But my visa in Al ain.Do i have to submit the Dewa Bill and is there any problem for the Studio(need 1BH for the family).? Regards, Noushad

    • Yes you need to provide tenancy contract plus you need atleast 1 bHK apt. However, you could try.

    PREVIOUSLY I WAS WORKING WITH A COMPANY IN DUBAI AND MY FAMILY ALSO LIVING WITH ME. NOW I GOT JOB IN ABU DHABI (Al Ain) my and my family been cancelled and i have got my visa. Should i need same documents as for a new visa such marriage certificate child birth certificate etc. Kinldy reply me on my email urgently. My email is [email protected]



    • yes to apply new visa you should have all the necessary documents as per the requirements.

  • My husband got a new job offer in Abu dhabi.. currently my husband works in Dubai and we are residing in Sharjah.. Do i have to exit the country in order to get new visa?

  • Me & my brother are sharing the same flat I have my wife & 2 kids with me in auh. Now my bro. wants to bring his family also so can we share the same flat .he is getting 5k only ……we have three rooms 2 bath &1kitchen.what is the procedureprocedure

  • Dear Deepak,
    Greetings! I would respectfully need your insight on my situation. My wife just came here in Abu Dhabi through spouse visa. She just currently arrived holding the entry permit. After spending about 2 days here, I, found a job that is very very urgent. Now, they are requiring the cancellation of my current visa to apply for a new one. My employer is agreeable to this and is willing to comply. My question is what will happen to my wife’s situation? Specifically she is still holding the entry permit.Please if you can enlighten me with this one. Thanks

  • Hi Deepak,

    I have Abu Dhabi visa and I am staying in Dubai with Tenancy contract in Dubai. I am working in Private firm.

    I have to apply for dependant visa for my wife. Please advise whether i have to have a Abu Dhabi tenancy contract to process my wife’s visa?

    Shankar Kale

    • As per the new rule yes you need a tenancy contract is Abu Dhabi. But it depends on case. You can try with the Dubai tenancy contract.

    • You need to give all your documents as requested by the company.(The documentation is same)

  • i have 2 children before i have visa my old company now i change new company tel me my children visa procedure and which documents required for new visa. please.

  • Greetings Deepak M,

    Can I have an insight of you of my problem. Im here in Abu dhabi as a visit visa, my wife will change my visit visa to residence visa. Am I going to exit the country or it may be possible to process the application while Im still here in abu dhabi? My visit visa will expire this Dec. 25, 2013. Thank you very much. Shukran

    • If you are on tourist visa you need to exit the country to process your residence visa.
      If you are on visit visa sponsored by your wife then no need to exit

  • Many Thanks for the info provided. For applying my family visa in Abu Dhabi do we have to produce the utility bill under my name or is the approved tenancy contract enough.

  • i am staying in company provided accomodation(2 BHK). What is the procedure for the tenancy contract and the utility(ADDC) bill?

    • Company should provide you the details of tenancy contract copy and utility bills (if necessary).

  • Since you are working for private company you can show your Dubai Tenancy agreement to sponsor a new born child

  • I need to process my wife’s visa. My tenancy contract included water and electricity bills.My Villa is municipality approved . I dont pay any utility bills (I have no bills).

    My dependent visa application will reject ?

    appreciate your reply

  • I need to process my wife’s visa. My tenancy contract included water and electricity bills.My Villa is Abu Dhabi municipality approved . I dont pay any utility bills (I have no bills).

    My dependent visa application will reject ?

    appreciate your reply

    • Hi Deepak Sir. I am also in same situation like Mr.Anjith. I checked with the AD Immigration department. They said its mandatory to provide the Tenancy Contract and Utility bills too. If we don’t have Utility bills then the applicant/sponsor need to meet In-charge Authority of Immigration AD and should get approval for the Visa processing. All its dependents on his decision to approve or not.. There is no sure if he accept. All its on your LUCK !!

      Hi Anjith, If you processed you application what is your status. I hope you succeeded.

      Please share your experience.

  • Mr.Deepak,
    Thanks for your given procedure,But my wife and kid are in my home country ,so how i submit their original passport.???

    “Original passports for the family member-wife, children.”

    • They just need the copies of your wife’s and kid’s passport not original. But you need to show your original passport in the immigration

  • Dear Deepak, please advise me for RENEWAL of my family visa. Am staying in Mohammad bin zayed city, working in NPCC, abu dhabi. I have tenaancy contract as single page and supporting documents of owner and contractor’s agreement, will this is ok for balideya?

  • I am working in Dubai as a document controller, I am in archive clerk visa and getting 5000AED per month, can I apply residential visa for my wife.

  • Dear Deepak,
    Thanks for the information.I am holding Abudhbai visa and my wife and kid under my sponsor ship too.I got a job offer from another company(Abudhabi itself).If I accept that offer,then is it necessary to cancel my wife and kid visa?or is it possible to hold their visa without cancellation?

    • In this case I dont think you need to cancel your family visa. I would suggest you to check with the immigration

  • Dear Deepak,
    Me(6 months) and my wife ( 2 months) were working in two companies under the same owner. Since I was not paid for last 6 months we both approached labour officer ( Me in RAK & Wife in Dubai) & I got cancellation without ban and wife got cancellation with labour ban. Now my new company is sponsoring me new visa with family status. But my wife has got only few days left to exit / change status of her visa.
    My question is that can I take a visit visa for my wife and later convert it to dependent visa, so that my dont want to exit the country for changing the visa. Kindly tell me soultion

    • Yes you can sponsor her on visit visa. but to while changing her visa under your sponsorship she may have to exit the country

  • Hello sir.
    i am working in sharjah itslef and i have a al ain visa so ,i want to bring my wife here in sharjah, please let me know the detail procedure and what r the necessary document required. thanks

    • Document required to apply for family visa

      Original passports for the family member-wife
      Take original and a 2 copies of Marriage certificate translated into Arabic by a Legal Translation firm. The original should be attested by the respective authorities like UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attestation by UAE Embassy in your respective country and so on.
      2-3 copies of the wife’s passport
      One(1) photograph of wife
      Your original passport
      Your original labour contract and salary certificate in Arabic from your Employer.
      Attested Tenancy contract has been made mandatory.

  • Hi deepak.,
    My employer not issuing the salary certificate in English/Arabic addressing to immigration department. I have original labour contract with me having salary of aed 9750/-. Can I apply for residence visa for my family in abudhabi..The other documents like tenancy, marriage ceritificate every thing with me..? I will get salary certificate in English addressing to the bank only, Can be use the same for immigration department.
    The reason for not issuing that if they issued salary certificate addressing to immigration, need provide medical insurance for my family by employer.

    • if you have a labour contract then no issue. You can take that to apply for residence visa for family. No need of salary certificate.

  • Hi! Thanks so much for the info. But I have another question. My husband wants to give me a husband’s visa after my working visa ends this June. We are both in al ain. Is it true that we must deposit 5,000dhs since his salary is only 3,700+ with accomodation? He is working as supervisor in ADNOC which is under the government. Tnx

    • Sorry I have no idea about this. My advise is to your husband to ask his PRO about this and get the information done.

  • Dear Mr. Deepak,
    Im working here in abu dhabi and I am planning to apply resident visa for my son. I have original labour contract with me having salary of aed 5700/- but my current salary is aed 8100 and my current position is exec. secretary but in my labour card telephone operator. My employer still did not update my contract. I want to know if I can apply resident visa.

      • Dear Mr. Deepak,
        Thanks for the info but what kind of NOC my husband working also here in abu dhabi in fast food chain as a driver. thanks.

  • Hi Mr. Deepak.,
    I have original labour contract with me having salary of aed 5700/-. Can I apply for residence visa for my son in abudhabi.My current salary id aed 8100 and my current position is executive secretary but in my original labour contract my position is telephone operator. Did they approved my application?
    The other documents like tenancy, marriage ceritificate every thing with me.

  • Dear Mr. Deepak,
    I joined a company on Nov 2013 but my visa has not been processed only until March 2014. I finished my probationary period with the company on Feb. 2014. Would it be right that I am still under probationary since my visa is just issued therefore I can resign as I wish. What If I find another job with higher salary? Thank you in advance

  • Hi. I would like to bring both my parents and my son who is 10months old to UAE under visit visa (90days).

    I have Abu Dhabi visa, salary of AED 13,000 per month, and I have tenancy contract under my name.

    However, I am a single mom and thus cannot provide marriage certificate.

    Can I bring the three of them to visit me here?

  • hi i want to know what is the procedure in obtaining residence visa for my 3 year old son. i sponsored him last time. due to the change job i was force to cancel his visa. now i have a new visa under new company and i want him to have residence visa as well. he was already overstay here for 3 weeks. what should i do. help me.

  • Hi Deepak,

    My Marriage and Birth Certificate are in Native language.
    I have translated it to English and has been attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of my country and finally attested by UAE Embassy in my country.

    For Arabic translation of those same documents above, does the Abu Dhabi Government accept the translation done in my country with attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UAE Embassy in my country?

    or it must be translated by Legal Firm in Abu Dhabi only with reference to translated English certificate?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Mr.Deepak,

    Thanks for your given such a helpful information ,But i need some additional information actually my visa from abu dhabi but i am working in dubai and living in sharjah with my brother in 2 bed room apartment can i sponsor my wife on my brothers tenancy contract.


  • Hi deepak

    I work for a govt oil company in Abu Dhabi and my wife stays with me on resident visa. Now i wish to being my daughter aged 20 yrs a student in sydney on a entry permit. Today i Went to immigration Office to submit the papers alo h with a deckartiin cerrificate that my daughter is unmarried. They have asked me to produce a n affidivate From thecourt that she is unmarried . Can you please advise How to arrange for the affidivite and what are the requirments.

  • I got a new job in Abu Dhabi so my visa will be from Abu Dhabi. Will I be able to sponsor my husband with Abu Dhabi visa as he was under my visa sponsorship in Dubai but it’s already cancelled. I will get a salary of more than AED15,000. What are the other requirements?

  • Hi,

    My Family is in India. I am working in Abu Dhabi with govt company. I want to bring my wife and child here. So for applying residence entry permit, original marriage cerificate and original child birth certificate is required? or copies of attested certificates will work? While residance visa stamping i can provide all original documents.
    Pls reply. Thanks

    • you will need the originals of marriage certificate and birth certificate to apply for your family visa

  • sir..

    Today I saw one news regarding basic salary increase 4000 to 10000 at Dubai for Family sponsorship.So I would like to know it is applicable at Abudhabi also.?.My basic salary is only 6500 Dhms..So can I bring my wife here.?I having Abudhabi visa.

    • Hi Sir,
      Today I read Khaleej Times for family visa, salary should be dhs10000 for sponosring wife residency visa in dubai.This rules is only dubai or Abudhbai also.My visa in Abudhbai.