How to check your Visa status online in Dubai? (video tutorial)

Check the status of your visa application status.

We all had that moment when you applied for visas for your family or our companies applied for the residence visa and the waiting started. You ask your PRO, he says he will check. You are just anxious whether your visa is processed or not. But don’t be disheartened! Dubai Government has you covered. It is very easy to check the status of your Residence Visa Status online through eDNRD portal in Dubai.

There are multiple services for which you could check the status online:

  • Entry Permit Validity
  • Residence Visa Validity
  • eDNRD Application
  • eForm Application
  • Residence Application Status

Video Tutorial – How to check the status of your visa in Dubai?

What information do you require to check the status of visa?

You will require the following information at hand:

  • Application Number
  • First Name in English
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality

Tutorial – Pictures – Check visa status online in Dubai

STEP 1. Visit the following link:

visa status online dubai

2. Enter Proper Details in the respective fields

visa status online dubai

3. Get the results – Online

visa status online dubai

That’s it. You have the status of your Residence Visa in Dubai.

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  • hello Deepak,
    my employer told me that he has submitted my entry permit visa, can I check the status I dont have application number?

  • Hello Mr. Deepak,

    I worked more than 1 year in ajman free zone, my boss were going to cancel my visa but he’s asking 3500 dhs for cancellation from me. I want to know if i required to pay that amount. please advice me what i need to do. thank u waiting for your reply

    • Val,
      Ajman free zone is an independent entity and the companies need not follow UAE Labour law.
      If your contract says that you have to pay, then you have to.

  • Dear Sir,

    My brother’s labour card application is ready for printing yesterday 4Mar2015. Can you tell me how long the employment visa will be released and how i can track it here in abu dhabi, since my brother is in kish?

  • Hello deepak, I want to check my visa application status but I don’t have an application number. I even watch the video on how to check it out ,still I can’t check mine, pls I need your assistance because I have been waiting since November last year,I also ask my employer to give me my application no. Yet he is giving me excuses.

  • Dear Deepak,

    I got a new job offer from a company in Abu dhabi. Earlier i was working with one fujairah freezone company for a period of 1.5 years. Now the new company applied for labor pre-approval on 1st of April for around 6 new joines like me. All other employees got approval other than me on last day, mine is pending with approval and the status in mol is shown like transaction under process.

    So my worry is there any issues for my visa and normally how long it will take for labor pre-approval.?

    Kindly suggest me what i have to do in this situation as my grace period will expire on thursday.

    Thank you

    • Abdul,
      I can not say anything on the days taken by authorities.
      They have their procedures.
      Post grace period, you will accrue fines.

  • hello Deepak,

    can you please tell me what is the difference between Residence Visa Validity”” & “”Residence Application Status””

    i can find results in visa validity but not results in application status.. what does it mean?

    Thank youu

    • Nader,
      Validity tells till when your visa is valid or when it will expire.
      If you have applied for visa, it will show you what is the status of your Residence Application

  • I want to check my visa status but i don’t have the application number with me

  • I came to UAE with a tourist visa and god so good i got an employment . I worked with the employer one week before my visa expired. i was asked to return to home country and my employment visa will be sent to me ten days after i return home.
    Quite unfortunately, i have waited sex weeks and yet no visa has been be sent me. I asked my boss and he said i need to be cleared by the ministry before they can proceed for my visa. This company is controlling by the ministry of interior(printing press). I want to know Sir, how long should i wait for this process to finalize?. How long does the security clearance takes to finalize?. Thanks Sir.

  • Hi Deepak! I’d like to know if the online portal can also provide information about Ban status n the UAE.

    I have a friend who is banned for a year starting last year (May 2014) and she hasn’t left UAE. She was banned by her previous company after they had settled their issue in the court. My question is, since a year has passed, do you think the ban is lifted? If not, what are her options to lift the ban? I am aware that she already has accumulated a huge overstay fine for being with no resident visa for a year. She was advised by one of our friends that her only option is to work in a free zone company(Is this true?). She is applying for jobs but still to no avail and she is not able to pay for her fines just yet. Your reply is highly appreciated.

    • Pinkerbelle,
      The labour ban is automatically lifted.
      No, she may not be able to work in freezone as her status in immigration is not clear.

  • using the link above, can I check visa status using work permit number which can be seen at the back of my Labour CArd?
    I want to check if my employer started processing my visa cancellation or not.

  • Hi deepak. I just want to ask if its valid that my company will hold my salary? I was terminated with no other reason and I supposedly finish my contract in september but the company terminated my contract. I was signed under unlimited contract and they give me 30 days notice til end of this june but according to them they will hold my salary for the month of june? is it valid?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Kath,
      Companies can not hold salaries. If you were terminated without any reason, you are eligible for 3 month compensation.

  • I recived visa in JPEG Formet and Entry Permit No. 895/2015/07/0092157
    DOB 12/05/1973

    Please Tell me This is Real VISA or Fake

    Tell me Visa Status check Website

  • Hi depak, I have selected in uae and they applied for visa .now visa under process. now I have got another good offer from saudi Arabia.what I do? can they cancel the application process? Please reply me it’s urgent. …

  • Hi Deepak,
    I have an employment offer from two different companies in Sharjah and have submitted my documents for visa processing to both companies since I was quite skeptical about getting visa and wouldn’t like to risk loosing the two. My prefered choice was able to seek MOL approval but the other company MOL approval still pending, the prefered company is waiting for the entry visa from immigration whiles the other is waiting for approval. Please what are the chances of getting the visa with this multiple application and is it possible to get two visa at the same time? And how long would it take after MOL approval to get my entry visa. Thank you and God bless you for you services

  • Hi Deepak! I am previously working for a company in Dubai and they have cancelled my visa. My new employer in Abu Dhabi is in the process of applying a visa for me. I was told that they cannot apply for my visa because my visa is still active in the system. How can that be? I already have the copy of Cancellation paper from the UAE Ministry of interior Dubai. Is there anything I can do? Thanks.

  • Hi
    I need to ask:
    1. I have checked my work visa application status:
    it is under process from Ministry of labor
    but the application type is e work permit, I have noticed that some other applications has the type of (e work permit after approval)…
    what is the difference between e work permit and e work permit after approval..?
    2. what is the process after that? how many days usually does it take to be finally approved and printed?

    • Rim,
      1. Nowadays all the work permits are ework permits. (Electronic Work Permits)
      2. Once Labor approval is done, your company will need to apply for Entry permit Employment Visa.

  • Hi Deeak, I applied a visit visa for my friend, last week Monday. This was done by an Travel Agent. I called immigration on Thursday, but they told me there’s not even a application for that passport number. How long does it usually take for online visit visa’s? I tried to check online with only the passport number but with no success.

      • Hi Deepak,

        Today is Wednesday, more than a week now and still nothing. But thanks for your help though. PRO don’t answer the phone, not sure to make use of his service again.

  • With out cancel my visa I was came out from Uae last six month back, want to know how to cancel my visa from India or how long it will take to reenter to Uae.

    • Krishnakumar,
      Visa will be cancelled if you are not in UAE for continuous 6 months.
      However, you entering UAE will depend on your status at the immigration.

  • Dear friend,

    How can i check that someone left UAE or still in UAE, i need to check one person’s status. When i called the phone is not active. So i need to know whether she left UAE or not.

    • Sam,
      First of all, why do you want to check that?
      Only legally authorised persons can do that.

  • Hi deepak,
    I have resigned from my present LLC Employer which is under unlimited contract. They are asking me the visa expenses and the various expences which I enquires from MOL and I came to know that I doesnt need to pay a single penny to them. They are forcing me to pay the money and they have kept my visa vancellation under hold since 1 month. How to get rid of this situation..???

  • Hi deepak how are you? i want to know that i just gave money to someone else and told me visa will be out in 40 days now after 70 days nothing have i want to know that is there any process to check the person any visa applied for him through his passport?

  • I would like to say that one employer of dubai apply my visa application before one week now they are saying that we get your visa approval but hard copy we will get later. I want to know that how many days to need to get the visa in hard copy..if there is any other approval need mean labour or immigration….i want to know that…please if some have information about this share with me……what is maximum time of visa approved.

  • Dear Sir ,

    how to check visa approval because my friends have a brother visa approval & i just check approval is ok or not

  • Sir i would like to ask my brother is more than 1 month already in kish and we check the visa status in mol its state that visa is for long it will takes sir and what is the meaning of that.thank you!

    • hi Razel,
      how did you check that your brother visa status is ready for printing? can you share the exact details when you check his status…thanks advance

      we’ve been waiting for more than 3 weeks now, your reply is highly appreciated

  • Hello Deepak,
    Hope you are doing well…
    I had gone to Dubai in the month of March (21st to be precise) in search of a job… I however managed to get a job & also the offer letter & everything…
    I returned to India on 20th April…
    Ever since I am waiting for my employment visa… The above process that you have given, requires an Entry Permit no. Which I don’t know…
    How do I possibly check my employment visa status because it has 4 months now….
    The employer is in touch with me but they keep telling me to wait & the wait just seems to extend…

    • Mary,
      What kind of company have you signed offer letter with?
      It should not take such a long time.
      When you are appointed, first labour approval is taken then the Employment visa Entry permit is applied which enables you to enter UAE.
      Then medical, ID and visa stamping is done.
      This is too long for any process.

  • hello Dear
    well i would like to say that my last employment visa is going to finish tomorrow 07-08-15 ,than my new boss total me we finish your visa process soon on 06-08-15 becoz they were think to go france for vacations ,so today they send me message your visa is still on process and we r going soon to france so our pro contact with u so dont worry ,so im worried about my visa becoz tomorrow is my last day after start fines , so could u tell me h can i know about my visa approval becoz im become a too much tension now plz tell me h can i see my visa approval my boss come 22-08-15 i cant understand should i find new job or wait for them

    • Elisa,
      Do you have a labour approval?
      However, you must obtain your visa asap.
      If you overstay on visit visa, the fine is 125 dirhams per day.
      Please note that.

  • Hi Deepak 🙂
    Thanks for responding.
    So what do I do now?
    They have asked me to wait till 23rd of August because they want me to join before or after 23rd only. They said that they will email me regarding the same.
    Is there a way to find out the status of my visa?
    Really looking out for some help here.

  • Hello Deepak,

    I’m transferring my visa from Jabal Ali to DMCC FreeZone. My current visa is valid for three years, the transfer form was signed by both freezones and submitted to DNRD along with all the necessary document.
    I’m waiting for more than 2 weeks and still no answer. How long does it take please the visa stamping.


  • hello dear brother, pls I will like to ask you for your advise have been working under a cleaning company working for 12 hours daily and only one day off in a month and this company are not paying me up to 1000 one thousand per month am a married man here in Dubai have try all my strength to do my best with them but if your absent for a day this company will deduct 100 from the little salary they are paying now am one year one month pls can I change a job without ban or what do I do to get out of this mess am fed up thanks

  • Hi dipak I worked in dubai till 3 year. In between I had disturbed mentally after that my company has sent me india now I want to apply again and want to work there’s but some of my friends are telling that I am permanently banned I cant go dubai. Will you please tell me that how and where can I cheak that I am banned. Thank u

  • I have been working for a company for 5 months now without me signing labour contract agreement form.The company gave me my resident I’d,pls what should I do about this,.

  • Please advise me what to do, I worked as sales in one of the company here in Dubai had a vaild UAE visa ,but when my sponsor learned that I had a TB scar in my lungs ,i had this sickness 30 yrs ago but was treated and never came back coz Ive been here in UAE 3 times and i pass medical exam, my employer after knowing she gave me release and tell me to find another employer for VISA TRANSFER, so I quickly found an employer and I started working,My new employer said that they already started the processing but until now I dont have my visa yet! lately I fou nd out I really dont have a visa ,its been 5 mnths since the cancellation expires . My new boss always lies he said that my previous employer not responding but I found out it isnt true that they wanted NOC and my previous employer dont respond …
    I have so many questions …its really not my fault coz they make me believe they apply visa for me
    will i get JAILED if i get caught? how much penalty should i get will my new employer pay it? what if not?
    please advise me I dont want to get jailed I had 3 small grandchildren back home depending on my support I still want to work legally what should I do? pls respond to my email
    [email protected]

    • Evangeline,
      You have already overstayed on your visa.
      It is better to approach MOL and submit your complaint with regard to your employer promises.
      You will have to pay overstay fine of 25 dirhams per day.

  • is the immigration in UAE 24 hours now? if you apply last thursday for visit visa when is the possible day you can get the visa?


  • Hi, Question i went for an interview all went well and i was told i got the job. They asked me for my resident visa for security check which i provided. Its been 14 days they are saying they will send me an offer letter once security check has been approved. Is this normal and how many days does security check take. I don’t have any loans, no ban no car i have never met a police in Dubai.

    • Rose,
      But offer letter could be given, subject to you getting clearance.
      But yes, that is possible.

  • Hello deepak.
    I am here in dubai for 3 mnths visa..and i got a job also.but they didnt give me any offer letter..u asked several times bt they dont..after that they said my visa is approoved …i told him that give me a copy of offer letter bt he not..then he told me to start the work..but i ddnt go..after he saying that u will get 6 mnths ban and u cnt apply for any other visa..what shoul i do

  • Hi,

    I want to issue family visa, my family was here 1 years back but they went to India. Now they are again coming back. So do I have to re issue a file no. with Immigration , Or I can still use the same file no. which was issued previously. This file no.. is only for sponsor or for all the applicant.. Please guide me in this matter.

  • Dear sir,

    My Entry permit no. is 2183700/204/2015. Kindly tell me if this work visa is original or fake?

  • Good day… I what to check my working visa process. This is my passport Number A05742363 Nigeria

  • if i am enter in uae on visit visa of 30 days… cani chang it with work permit visa and i would not back my country???i s it posible??? if yes then plz tell me the proceess and how many days to cmplete proset to convert verk visa???

  • I am at my home country and its been 2 months my employer is not sending me my employment visa. After 1 and a half month he send me a visa approval paper and ask me to wait for real visa. I dont know what is he upto. I even dont know that approval paper is fake one or real one. Please guide me

  • Dear Deepak,

    I would like to know for Online status check, where i can get Application Number or Entry permit number.??

  • hello! Good Day! I’m a visit visa here in dubai and it will be expired on november 17, 1015 and i get a job just only october 5, 2015 and i already signed the offer letter and submit all the requirements, the company said that processing of working/employment visa will consume 10 to 15 working days, my question is how can i check if my company already process my visa? is there a possible way to check my status online? thanks! regards!

      • I am trying to check properly. But could not coz the Residence File No. Or Entry permit No. i cannot input as mine is starting from 101/2012 and there are no way on website to input 101 at first. if possible please check here is my Number 100/2012/02/0046950 and U.I.D No. 34898018

  • Hi Deepak,

    My work permit (pink visa) has been rejected today. I am currently on a tourist Visa since September 18.
    So i have to leave Dubai now.
    How long before I can apply to tourist visa again?

    Thank you