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  • HI Deepak,

    I was terminated last May 27 after 8 months of working in Dubai. I havent receive my final settlement yet till now. The company promised to pay me in 4 PDC every 15 days starting Nov 15. Is that legal to do that? I certainly need money and staggered payment is problem to me.
    In addition,due to that long delayed payment, can I demand at least interest of the amount that they fail to pay me till now? If I have that money in the bank it would have earn me interest right?

  • Hi Deepak I am working as a telecom engineer in UAE last 6 Months but my visa stamped 4 months before only now I have some family problem so I need to relieve from here if I give resignation means how many days I need work in as per UAE labour law.
    And one more thing when I join in this company that time I signed company contract in company contract they mentioned before one year if I relive this company means i need to pay 10000 AED to this company..Please give me a suggestion I need to go As soon as possible..

    • hari,
      under probation the notice period is 1 day. Notice period otherwise is as per company policy.
      If you have signed such contract, you will have to abide by it.

  • Dear Deppak,

    My question went unanswered last time.I am under probation and company wants to cancel my visa by providing me an NOC .The visa is an engineering visa and the company is an llc company.Will there be any ban if i jump into a new company or is it possible for me to ask the employer to hold my visa so that i can get some time to find a new job.

  • sir,
    i am working almost four months past here in abu dhabi on work permit i want to quit the job and fine new one ..please advice me

  • Can you please tell me if a free zone company has not paid salary for 2 months, can you complain to anyone about it.

  • Hi Deepak

    Since 3.5 year am working in Dubai in a LLC company and my contract is unlimited

    I resigned from the company with one moth notice

    Can you advise for the below

    My gratuity how much my employer to be pay (my salary is basic AED 4000+ accommodation AED 2000+ AED 500 transportation)

    How about the annual leave pay and air ticket expense exit from the country

  • Dear Mr.Deepak,

    My name is shahulhameed from Dubai, worked in semi Government Company as a facility coordinator/staff category from 06th, march/2014 to 27th, October/2014 (around 8 months) after that unexpectedly… the management terminated me due to poor performance as per company policy. (my probation period was completed at 05th,Sep/2014) after that… when the final settlement, the HR included my last month salary (actually I worked for that) & my vacation salary for 15.41 days only & there was no any termination benefits & any benefits in my final settlement calculation. hence I refused to sign/accept that settlement…. now could you please help me that what is my benefits after termination & what should i do legally to get my rights…. kindly help me in this issue……

  • what is Article 37 of uAE labour law.

    My company terminated me mentioning as per UAE labour law 37

  • I joined a new company in Ajman before 3 month. On probation period they given termination notice so if I get any other opportunity, have any chance to ban. pls advice me.

  • Dear Deepak,

    I am in a probationary period since one month with an international company in Dubai. I have understood that the employer can fire an employee without a notice period. I would like to understand if in that case Do I need to refund the expenses for the visa even if the employer want to terminate the contract? Is there any official document that can prove that?

    Thank you.



  • Sir, I am working in a LLC company Dubai since last 1 year 1 month. My contract is unlimited and there is no expiration date mentioned in the contract. But in labour card it’s showing 2015 September. Now I got a verbal offer from another company with 1500 salary deference. Do I can resign from the current company with a one month notice period ? Is there any chance of six months ban ? It’s my second company in UAE. Please advise sir

  • Hi,

    I am working for almost 10 months in a trading company with a limited contract. I would like to know if I’m going to pay the charges they spent on my visa if they will terminate me. Or do I need to wait for a 1 year to so that I can transfer into another company? does it have a ban? Thanks

  • Hi, I am a new employee here in Dubai. I m currently in a probationary period in a real estate company. Since I am new, I have a couple of questions. I wanted to ask our HR but I know she will be biased since she has been in the company for quite some time.
    Here is the situation, I have asked my colleagues about the ticket fare during our annual leave if it will be on our own expense or if the company will shoulder the expense. I was told that it will depend on our agreement and so far from previous employees airfare is NOT sponsored by the company. When I signed a couple of documents which they said was for my emirates ID, I read that return ticket for the annual leave should be shouldered by the company. Question is, what can I do if ever the company will push in saying that they will not shoulder the ticket? Can I complain somewhere if I show the document that I signed where it was stated? Is there any law that I can have as a back up regarding this?
    Another issue is the number of working hours. From the time of the interview I already know and agreed verbally that working hours will be from 8AM to 7PM Saturdays to Thursday. but again on the document that I signed, it was stated that working hours should NOT exceed 48 hours per week. Do I also have the right to complain about this issue?

    I would appreciate your response.
    Thank you

    • Chris,
      Air fare policy is decided by company. If the company has promised in contract and is not following, you could file complaint with MOL.
      As per labour law, working hours should not exceed 48 hours in a week. However, certain industries are exempt. I think yours is not.
      But, working hours really depends on the amount of work.

  • hi deepak
    i worked a manufacturing company for two years , and before three months they renew my visa . but later i know that our company is registered under two names and my new visa is registerd in the second name , but the company is the same. So Please tell if there is any labour ban is imposed on me when am leave now for new opportunity

  • Hi Deepak,
    One of our employee gone for annual leave and extended leave 5 more days…please advise about his salary deduction, do we need to deduct this 5 days from Gross salary or Basic salary?

  • hi. i would like to ask for advice, my husband got hired last dec1 in this foreign exchange company. then he assigned in beda sayed in abu dhabi but we live here in dubai, he told the company that he has a wife here in dubai and stil didnt allowed him to transfer, and then suddenly after 8 days he transfer again to al ruwais he again told the company that he has a wife living here in dubai but still didnt allow to transfer.. everyday is painful, he’s living alon and im also living on my own, what is the best thing to do. pls advice me. thankks

  • Dear Mr.Deepak,
    I work for a hotel in Abu Dhabi and in my probation period of 2 months I would like to quit my contract and the company is asking for 3300 Dhs is it mandatory to pay them.

  • Hi sir.i am almost 17months working in my it possible for me to find another work even if im not yet finish with my contract? anyway he is willling to give me release paper.ur good reply will be very helpful for me.thanks.

  • Hi Sir,

    Please advise, I have used my annual leave in advance for 2015 last October 2014, and I have filed my resignation and my last day of work is on March 3, 2015, shall I pay my employer for the advance annual leave taken for 2015? How is the calculation for the annual leave?

    Appreciate your earliest response.

    Thank you & Regards

  • Hi I am in Husband’s visa & my company is asking for my Passport is there is a law to keep passport with company in husband’s Visa also & 2nd is i am entitled for Air Passage or not.

  • I have just completed my 5 months period will I get a ban of six months my probation period is six months.

    what kind of offer will help me lift the ban? please advice.

  • Hi Deepak,

    If my wife is working and is on my visa, is she eligible for paid maternity leave?


    • Avinash,
      Is she employed with the company officially, meaning does she have a labour card.
      It does not matter whether she is on your visa. If she is employed by the company under MOL Labour Card, she is eligible for paid maternity leave after a year of service.

  • Hi Deepak, Good morning, i need some clarification . I am a civil engineer working as an estimation engineer , currently i am working with infrastructure company and my salary is 12000. I have an experience in buildings. Now i got an offer from building contracting company with a salary of 13000 as an estimation engineer. I have completed 7 months with my current company and my contract is unlimited period, my visa is issued by my current employer’s sister company name. When i signed my current employer appointment letter there is one clause is mentioned as if i leave within 2 years visa period liquidated damages of two months salary i have to pay but as per my contract there is no such above mentioned clause. In this case if i resigned from my current employer as per UAE labour law there is any 6 months ban is applicable on my visa and if there is any LD i have to pay to my current employer. Please reply

    • Manu,
      It would be unethical on your part to sign on a document and not adhere to that.
      On the other hand, it is not legal on company’s part to seek such claims.
      I don’t think you will have labour ban as your salary is above 12K and with a good designation.

  • Dear sir
    I finish my 2 year and i add new visa then i was gone vacation. Now my second visa is runing in 8 month but i backed from vacation it’s only 4 month finished now i want to go cancel in this condaiton i have to buy Airticket or company will give airticket form me.

  • Dear Deepak,

    My self babu in oct month I given my resignation letter to our management due to low salary , but the top management like Finance manger agree to me give to a good salary package and also told me amt of salary . I already withdrew my resignation letter , my resignation withdrawal letter I wrote my agreed salary and accommodation lump sum amt and signed by finance manger and he mention they agree to given this package, That copy I have, but when I get my salary there were difference in that the management told me that they cant given that much of salary,but I have the agreed copy that which agreed by finance manger,

    So pl advice me what kind of legal or any other way to get that agreed salary

  • I was hired last october 2014 as a sales associate and the salary is 2500 aed. And we are paying for the company accommodation and dewa (electric and water bill) around 900 aed. So the money left with us is 1600 aed. And we we’re surprised that our working hours is not the same with other shops because my working hours is 10 but in the other shops is only 8 hours. So my question now is it legal in uae to work 10 hours and to pay the so called company accommodation and excluding the dewa. Thank you so much. Your response is highly appreciated.

  • Hi Deepak, I hope you don’t mind my asking you for advice? – But I have been offered a Sales Managers position here in Abu Dhabi with sponsorship visa. I was offered 18,000 with no extra benefits. but due to my not having any degree certificates I have been told that the company can only offer me 10,000..???

    I left high school in the UK 20 years ago and started working immediately so have no certificates of education to give… but have managed Pharmaceutical companies across Europe for the last 10 years…

  • Hi,
    You have helped so many people and I feel as though you can help me and my colleagues as well. I am a teacher in the UAE and as with all teaching jobs the annual air fare allowance is promised in your contract as apart of your package. However, yesterday (3rd March) we were told that no one has passed probation and if we do not pass probation before 5th March, we will not be given our annual air fare allowance. My colleagues and I have done everything required of us to pass probation as per our contract and we have everything in writing. In fact, the contract states that we are entitled to our annual air fare allowance regardless of the probationary period. Now they have told us that the two entities are connected and that we only have TWO DAYS to qualify for airfare. As I have stated before THIS IS NOT IN OUR CONTRACT. If it was I am sure we all would have taken action prior to 4th March, the day before the deadline or we would not have left our families and our jobs knowing that we would not be provided airfare to return home to see them. Please help/advise as best as possible. I would like to remain anonymous.

    • Teacher,
      It is sad that schools are using such tactics on their own employees and restores what I believe….Schools here have become a complete commercial activity.
      I would not like to express my opinion as I only know 1 side of the story.
      From what you have mentioned, I can sense that the air fares have been cancelled due to you not getting confirmed in your employment.
      Note that, to avail facilities of permanent staff, you will need to be permanent staff of the organisation.
      Having said that, an organisation can not extend the probation period for more than 6 months.
      Read Article 37 of UAE Labour Law.

  • I would like to be aware to the law because something is happening in my Company that is above the law.and it is not good.

  • My friend’s company recently changed timings. The new timing is 8 am to 5.30 pm with a half hour lunch break. Is this legally within the permissible limits ?

  • Hello, I went through your responses to the ocean of questions sent to you on this page and found out that they are excellently helpful to the questioners. thus, I find it necessary to be informed as well in other not to be deformed. but I will really appreciate it if u could give me your personal contact or better still your facebook ID so as to get more facts about my contract from you. my mail is [email protected]. Phone number is 0555480711. Thanks for your coperation

  • Dear Deepak
    I work as a teacher in a private school in Al Ain. The school provides medical insurance to me. I wanted to know if the school must also provide the same for my family? At present we teachers have to pay for each member approx 2500 to 3000 AED each. The H.R dept says its not being mentioned in our initial contract that we signed years ago. So are the private schools by law supposed to give medical insurance to dependents of staff in private school?
    Thanks and regards
    manoj george

  • Deepak,

    My contract is ending so it is time to leave the uae. I have a monthly rate that I am paid through my contractors and I work 5 days per week. My partial month is based on 30 days, where I was in country 25, which works out to 83%, but my work days are 19/21 for the month or 90%. Is a month defined by 30 days, monthly workdays, or this is defined by the companies? thanks for all of your help!

  • Hi Deepak,

    I am currently employed and working more than 2 years with the company. I just renewed my visa, i have renewed already my labor card and my emirates id is ready to pick up. But still waiting for my sticker visa to put in my passport. This is my situation, my employer sent me a message via email saying that he is terminating me and my last day would be on April 12, 2015 now he changed his mind and wants me to stay in the company and he said that there is no termination and there is no cancellation of visa. My problem is i want to finish the 30 days until April 12 like what he said and looking for another job, but if they dont want me to cancel what should be the best thing to do? Do i need to submit resignation letter officially? If i submit my resignation letter and what if they didnt accept? what will be my action?

    Thank you so much

      • Hi Deepak,

        Thank you so much for your reply. After completing my 2 year contract and i just renewed it with my current company, i have decided to submit my resignation letter and complete my 30 day notice. Is there anyway to ban me by the company after that? Because they dont want me to leave and suffer? Our regular office timings is from 8-4, Friday and Saturday are off, and suddenly he changed my timings from 8-6 and from Saturday to Sunday, he changed ONLY my timings but not the other employees. I want to resign, does the company to hold the employee even they dont want to work with them?

        Your reply would be highly appreciated.

        Thank you,

  • thanks for your time and Repply.
    actully i finished already my 2 years contract and now iam waiting visa from another company which is already on the process. as per then i will get next week. if you will tell my how much i will get, i can compare with how much tehy will give.
    and one more question, sir according to my cancellation paper i will stay till 25 of march if till date my visa not issue i have to go back to my home in this case what are the paper required for coming here from my home? i can come myself from my country? how manydayes takes time for issuing visa here?
    hope i will get back

  • Dear Deepak,

    I was forced to resign with my current company and worked with them for less than a year. My employer is not releasing my salary for the month of February and continuously informing us that from March our salary will be under performance based. I told him that I cannot continue any further hence he will let me know when my visa be cancelled. I don’t know what to do whether to send him a termination letter for my services as he is not giving me the termination letter from his end. If he will not sign the termination letter and will ask me to resign what should I do? And I am afraid he might file an absconding case as we don’t have something in writing. Please advise

  • Dear Deepak,

    Thanks for your advise. Currently i am no longer reporting to office and i am waiting for him to send me the details when i can go for cancellation. In the meantime eventhough he is not giving me the termination paper is it still proper to cancel my visa without something in writing? The employer needs to pay the employee if he will terminate someone right? In that case maybe he is afraid of paying me my dues hence he is not giving me the same.

    • Yane,
      How long have you been working?
      Make sure you are in touch with the company officials.
      Company need not pay any termination benefits, unless you were on limited contract.
      You must receive all the salaries due to you.

  • Hi Deepak, i am on my husband visa and i am working for a private company owned by one person. I have resigned from my job giving one and half month notice period, qualification:MBA Finance, working as Accountant. My contract is unlimited with labor card for 2 years.

    Kindly tell me whether i can work till the end of my notice period and if i get my leave salary and gratuity for 1 year. He is telling he won’t give it. If he asked to leave before my notice period what should i do? Also he is asking for labor card expense. Please help me with this.
    Please send me a copy of UAE Labor Laws

  • hi
    how are you?
    main dubai main aik shop par as salesman job kar raha hon mujhy sirf 15 days hye hain lakin main dubai main arjusd nahi ho raha kia main apna visa cancell karwa kar apny country wapis ja sakta hon magar problem hai k visa k passy shop waly ne pay kye hain agar main visa cancel karwata hon ya agar visa cancel karwany main ban lagta hai to kitny month ka ban pary ga or kia mujhy koi visa k passy pay karny pary ge or mery visa cancell karwany main kitny passy lag sakty hain plzzzzzz help me