Is the employer required to pay the Repatriation expenses of employees?

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  1. igie

    Hi! I’m working in a real estate company and been terminated due to company shutdown/close. They gave me a termination letter last June 2016 with 1 month notice but my notice has been extended till August 2016 due to my co-worker is still on vacation and my boss said that i should wait for my co-worker till he come back from Philippines. Then when he came back I took my vacation but my boss didn’t give me my leave salary. He only gave me my salary for the last month of my stay in the company (August 2016). I worked there for 1 year and 1 month. Now I came back here in Dubai and waiting for him to cancel my visa and give me my gratuity.

    I would like to ask if my leave salary is included to my gratuity? My labor contract is under unlimited contract and I cannot find any forum stating about leave salary for terminated employees like me.
    Please leave some advice.

    Thank you.


  2. Anna

    My husband has been terminated without reason, while on holiday and out of the country! Now he’s returned to the UAE and his employer has suspended his pay and advised that the repatriation expenses will not be paid to him! He has 30 days to leave the country, and he’s been told that as to pay the repatriation costs upfront and provide receipts for reimbursement?? Is this legal?? My husband is employed under an unlimited contract by an agency providing HR services to the UAE Government (defence sector). Would legal action be warranted against his employer in this situation?


  3. jade

    Who will bear the repatriation cost of resigned staff under unlimited contract?


  4. Jay

    If for example the company terminated you and you didnt get any job from other company and you decided to go back to your origin and planning to return back after a month or more, the employer should still bear your repatriation expense?


  5. BrucePreston

    Does this question matters a lot? If yes then get the complete information on the employees laws and then give the answer of this question.
    And this question arises most of the time. So get the answer now.


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  7. Krishna aryal

    Hey deep
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