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Congratulations! You have a job. 

And you are ambitious too!!

If you are like me, you have goals in your life! That goal or objective may be:

  • Grow at your organisation or get a promotion or get a great job;
  • Earn and save more money;
  • Have a great family;
  • Be well respected for what you do at your workplace or community etc.

But how much effort do you put in to achieve your goals??

To achieve your life goals is not a mean task; you will need dedication, consistency and real, hardcore effort.

You must develop habit of reading relevant Articles, taking Courses that will help you further your Career, reading great books, exercising regularly to keep fit, eat healthy and so on. It takes a lot of energy to get promoted or earn more money! You will have to put in hard work(smart work!!!) and be the top performer in whichever field you work in.

The competition is stiff and your success depends on being the best at what you do……not at everything…..but at what YOU do!!! This is also true when you are looking to change your job.

You will in particular receive tips on:

  • Better performance at work;
  • Working smart vs working hard;
  • How to manage time and resources;
  • Courses that give you an edge over others;
  • Interpersonal skills and many such topics.

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-Deepak Machado