Top Daily Deal Sites in UAE-Are they any Good?

Top Daily Deal Sites in UAE

There are thousands of daily deal sites in the world. Here in Dubai, there are at least 2 dozen plus. It makes economic sense for the deal site owners if there is a huge consumer base participating in the deals offered by the partners or retailers.

Lot of consumers love daily deal sites. But there is a growing number of them that have started detesting them. Now a voice is being raised from the retailers that they are losing their regular customers.

But are deal sites any good? It definitely makes a short term economic sense for everyone.

The retailer wants to sell and consumers are looking for the best deals. And aggregators like Groupon, Cobone provide these deals by negotiating a package with the vendors.

Below Infographic sheds some insights into whether the deals sites are really good enough. Though it is US centric, the Infographic provides a good understanding of what we must know about them.

Click on the below link to view the pictures : (Zoom in to view the picture)

Daily Deal Sites Dubai [Click].

Featured Deal Sites in UAE

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Featured Deal SiteWebsite
Great DealsGet Best Deals Today
GrouponGet Best Deals Today


List of Daily Deal sites in UAE


Daily Deal Site NameWebsite
Adduba Shop Now
Big FishShop Now
CoboneShop Now
CouponerShop Now
Crazy DealsShop Now
Deal GobblerShop Now
Deals HabibiShop Now
Dubai SaversShop Now
GrouponShop Now
Hit the DealsShop Now
Hunt UR DealsShop Now
KobonatyShop Now
Living KoolShop Now
MakhsoomShop Now
Nail the DealShop Now
Posh DealsShop Now
Rak Bank DealsShop Now
Strange OffersShop Now
TheirDealsShop Now
Yalla BananaShop Now


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  • Great Article,

    I want to aware you a coupon site i.e. CouponMart. Where you can get easily the latest discount and offers from several Top Stores of UAE such as Souq, Namshi, Jadopado, Wadi, Awok and many more. Here you can get every type of deals related Fashion, Electronic, Accessories, Beauty & Health, Gifts & Flowers and more categories.

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  • Great article, Thanks!
    Why nor insert also coupon codes websites? For wxample at you can save money use coupon codes, promotional codes directly on shopping Cart. For example Namshi is offering a coupon code for 10% off. If you go at you can copy the code and save 10% on every purchase only pasting the code in Namshi Shopping Cart! You can do that also for Groupon. Kobonati and all best Uae Online Stores

  • is fraudulent. 10 days ago I decided to go to Dubai for a week and find a good offer in Adduba about renting a car. They answer to my email very soon and guide me very well so I tried to buy a voucher for renting a car and pay 2 times for it and they send me only 1 and said that they reverse the last payment that was not true.
    They offer 2 type of car, 1 for 59 ADE and second 79 ADE and I apply for the first with this link:
    Option 1: Kia Rio, Toyota Yaris & Hyundai Accent for AED 59 per day.
    In section How It works they said,
    • Booking must be made at least 2 days in advance
    • Cancellation should be made at least 24 hours prior
    • Contact : 044542466,0553015888.
    But when I call the above number they said that they have not this type of car till next month and when I send an email to Adduba to cancel my voucher, No answer. I sent 5 Email, but no answer.

      • Dear Deepak,
        Thank you for your help on this matter, but I’m E-commerce Expert and know what to say, there is no confusion and everything is clear, before I paid for the voucher, they answered to my email immediately and after that nobody answer to me. I receive the read request form them, but nobody answer to my emails (5 email). The money really was not important, but I have a plan for staying in Dubai with my family and they really ruin my travel plan. I promise to use all my knowledge in all social and private network that I can to distribute this story. As you know, word of mouth ad is 10 times more effective than the old ad. I hope they make the best decision, before I do my job.
        Best Regards,

  • i think one more is missing in the list, even though they are just 3 months old, they have nice deals and look at there alexa ranking or sitetraffice, excellent and show 3rd in UAE after groupon and cobone

  • Check the new website, Its dubai online shopping they have launched deals last week and now they are in Demo mode, i think they will be going live Next month.
    they have good deals.

  • Excellent article compilation. SaveBook also offers up to 70% discounts on Daily Deals in Dubai, UAE.

  • no guys the best one is amazing ., try
    this website gives a crazy offer everyweek