Termination of Labour Contract in UAE-FAQ

Termination of Labour Contract:

In this post I am trying to answer the queries with regard to the Termination of Labour Contract. (Click on the questions for answers)

1. When can the contract be terminated ?

2. Can the employment contract be terminated if the employee or the employer dies?

3. If the worker’s disability is partial, is the employment contract terminated?

4. My contract is a limited contract and the employer dismissed me without a legal reason, am I entitled to compensation for the injustice dismissal?

5. Is the compensation for injustice dismissal calculated on the basic salary or the total salary?

6. My contract is a limited contract and I submitted my resignation before my contract expires; shall I pay compensation to the employer for revocation of the contract?

7. I worked with the employer for two years and my contract is limited by (3) years and I obtained a work opportunity at another place. Is the employer entitled to deduct (45) from my dues for non- completion of the contract of employment?

8. My contract is a limited and it has not been expired yet, may I submit my resignation and serve for one moth of notice?

9. I submitted my resignation before 06 months from expiry of my limited contract and the employer wants to deduct a remuneration of 45 days. Can he do that?

11. How the compensation is calculated, on the basic or total salary?

12. I am employed under a labour contract of unlimited period, and I want to leave my present job. What should I do?

13. I have terminated the service of one labour employed with me under a labour contract of unlimited period; do I need to give him a notice of one month?

14. I am employed under a labour contract of unlimited period…and I receive my salary on per diem basis…, how can I send a notice to my employer in case I have submitted my resignation?

15. If the employer or the worker refused to receive the termination or resignation letters, how can we proof the same?

16. I have submitted my resignation letter to my employer, knowing that I am working under unlimited labour contract, the said one month notice to be calculated within the total service period?

17. I have worked during the notice period of one month after I have submitted my resignation letter… And after the notice period has expired, my employer asked for an extension of the notice period without any reason. Shall he have the right to do the same?

18. I have submitted my resignation letter to my employer, knowing that I am working under unlimited labour contract besides, we have already, me and my employer agreed to reduce the notice period, what shall be my legal position in such a case?

19. How can the month notice allowance be calculated if the worker has submitted his resignation letter or if the employer has terminated the service of the worker…and the worker has already done his duties during the said period?

20. I have worked with my employer for a period of one year under a labour contract of Unlimited period, yet I have submitted my resignation letter… and I have worked during the notice period of one month, but it was stipulated in my labour contract that if I submitted my resignation, I should work for 3 month as a notice period…Do I need to be bound to such condition?

21. In case the worker has submitted his resignation letter, but he suddenly ceased working before completing the one month prescribed notice period, what shall be the legal action in this case?

22. In case the employer has terminated the worker’s unlimited labour contract and didn’t ask the said worker to work during the notice period; or if he has reduced the notice period, then what shall be the legal action towards such case?

23. A worker was terminated by the employer after the former has worked for 11.5 months…whereas the employer has paid him the value of the one month notice period, do such worker deserves the end of service gratuity?

24. If the worker has submitted his resignation letter and was ready to work during the one month notice period…and the employer has waived such period, do such worker deserves the allowance of the one month notice period?

25. In case the worker has submitted his resignation letter and took a leave… or resigned during such leave period…shall the said one month notice period become invalid?

26. May the employer terminate the worker without notice?

27. If the employer is having a right to dismiss the worker without notice…, shall such worker have the right to leave the work without a notice?

28. My employer has dismissed me without any reason after I have passed the probation period… do such dismissal considered arbitrary?

29. If the employer has arbitrary dismissed me without presence of any reason and I am damaged due to the same…how can such damage and arbitrary dismissal be determined?

30. The employer has terminated my service due to the fact that I am not fit from the health point of view, shall he have the right to do the same?

31. Can I have the right to obtain an experience certificate after I have spent my work period with my employer?

32. I have worked with my employer, but he have sold the establishment for some other person…how can I obtain my work dues?

33. I have signed the labour contract…where it was mentioned in the said contract a term which stipulates that after the expiry of my service or during suspension of my work, I should not work with any other competing company for a period of two years?

34. I have worked with my employer under a fixed contract for a period of two years, but I didn’t complete the period of my labour contract. Now my employer wants to cancel my labour card with a ban of work for one year in a pretext that I didn’t complete the contract period?

35. I have worked with an employer with a contract of unlimited period and I didn’t worked for the notice period… shall the employer have the right to put the pan stamp on my passport?

36. Is there any exclusion with regard to the one year ban on the worker if the original employer agreed to cancel the said ban?

37. I am employed under a limited period contract for 3 years and I have asked my employer not to renew the same…then who shall pay the costs of the return ticket? 

38. If I worked under limited or unlimited period contract and submitted my resignation, shall I have the right to ask for return tickets?

39. I have completed my labour contract, whereas there is a stipulation in such labour contract showing that my employer should bear the costs of my family return tickets in addition to the baggage shipping costs, have I the right to bound him to the same?

40. As for the return tickets, shall my employer have the right to return me to the capital of my home country or to the place he has already brought me from?

42. If a labour compliant has been referred to the court…from when does the period of 30 days for vacation of the accommodation shall start to go into effect?

43. How the End of Service Gratuity is determined?

44. Shall the leaves without pay be calculated within the service period?

45. I have worked with my employer for two years and 5 months…; shall the End of Service Gratuity be calculated for the parts of years?

46. Shall the End of Service Gratuity be calculated for the total salary?

47. If a worker died, shall his employer pay his End of Service Gratuity?

48. I have worked with my employer for the year 1975, i.e. before the issuance of the Labour Law in 1980; shall I have the right to claim for the End of Service Gratuity for my service period with my employer before the issuance of the Federal Labour Law in 1980?

49. Kindly show how can the End of Service Gratuity be calculated if the worker has ceased working when he is employed under unlimited Period Contract?

50. When shall the worker be banned from having the End of Service Gratuity?

51. I have worked with my employer…, whereas present in the establishment a box called the “saving box” in which the employer was used to put in it an amount of money for the account of the workers as an End of Service Gratuity…, in case I have reached my end of service period, shall I deserve to have from such amount? 

52. I am working in an establishment, in which the system of pension and insurance is adopted…, in case of my end of service; shall I have the right of option between having the pension and the End of Service Gratuity?


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  • My contract is a limited contract and the employer terminated me oneconomic down turn condition and not any legal reason, am I entitled to compensation for the injustice termination.

      • Dear deepak,

        May I know if employee can receive a gratuity after finishing her 3yr limited contract? how much is the gratuity if the basic salary is AED3000? joining date August 16, 2012 and end contract on August 16, 2015?

  • Hello. I resigned from my job recently. the protocol of the company is that anyone who resigned will be sent to the airport wherein the passport will only be given there to ensure that the employee would go home to the country of origin even if the person still is entitled to a 30-day stay after visa cancellation to look for another job. I actually have an offer already here in the uae but they prefer to get me here and not from my country of origin. yet the company will make sure to send me home. is there something illegal about the company’s protocol? thank you so much sir.

  • after 11 months on a limited contract with a jafza company, what will be the the benefits or compensation due if the company terminates without the agreed notice period.

  • my contract is 24 months n i gave resign on 23 months with notice period so can i search jobs

    • Yes you may look for new job. However, if you are satisfied with your current job, ask your company to extend the contract.

  • My contract is a limited contract and I submitted my resignation before my contract expires; shall I pay compensation to the employer for revocation of the contract?

    • You may not pay anything to your employer. but you wont be able to receive EOS benefits. Confirm with your HR.

    • as per the labor law ,you will definately have to compansate the employer for the cost of his visa and other expenditure that the employer may have incurred . the maximum of what you can pay is 1.5 times of the employees monthly wages.so be careful before you give your resignation letter .good luck!

  • My contract is unlimited. I want to change after one year. Can I change my job without being banned? I am ready to give 30 days notice period.

    • as per new rule of MOL you need to complete 2 years in the company means you need to complete your contract period to avoid ban. in any case, confirm with your HR.

  • Dear Deepak M,

    I will really appreciate your help in clarifying some of my doubts regarding employment contract I have with one of the DMCC company,

    I have been working under one of the Dubai Multi Commodity center Freezone (DMCC) company from last one year (joined Sept 2011)

    Unfortunately I have been terminated this month by my employer saying/with reason that they don’t have good business condition????

    I need to know some thing about termination benefits, as I have been terminated before my contact expires (my contract expires 12/2014)

    I have just completed 12 months of my job in this company,

    I mean to ask any Termination Compensation I can demand to my employer..

    some one told that you can ask your employer/ DMCC for 3 months of your gross salary + air ticket as the contract is being breached by your employer not by you,

    I am looking forwards to your kind reply with Help & support,

    Many thanks in advance.


    • If company provides NOC then there will be no ban. Company should give written termination letter. It may be one month or immediate effect depending on the notice period mentioned in your employment contract.

  • I graduated with bachelor degree and currently working in government company with 2 years visa, unlimited and yearly renewable. I started working with them Oct. 30, 2011 then I received a verbal termination effective Oct. 31, 2012 on the 3rd week of September. Is there a ban if I transfer to another company? Should I received a month of notice after verbal termination or after receiving the termination letter? Should I need NOC to transfer to another company? Please note, it is not my fault why I received termination. Please advise. Thanks!

  • Hi!

    Good evening….

    My contract is limited for 3 years and it will be finish this coming Nov. 2012 and my plan is not to renew, do I need to inform my employer one month before the expiration date?

    I asked lots of people about it, and now I’m confused because someone told me, I have to file a letter of non renewal one month before, other told me ten days before, other told me, because your limited wait your boss to ask you if your going to renew.

    please help me….

    Thanks for your time.

  • my company was close at last month of sept 10,2012, but my visa was new just only 8montths , what i need to do now my company told me to find another job and they willing to give me a NOC. Did you think i dont have ban because 1st it not my fault and the company is close. pls i wait your help. if i have ban or no.

  • Hi,
    Kindly advice..
    UAE labour contract For a Period of 3 Years (3 Yrs Maximum) = meaning a Limited Contract?
    If it is Limited Contract ..Can I entitled to compensation of 2 or 3 months salary in case of Termination by my employer with in one year?
    Your kind reply & help would be appreciated,
    many thanks in advance..

      • thanks deepak for your reply,
        as my contract is a limited contract with my company,
        and my company has terminated this contract …in this case ..will i be liable for 3 months of gross salary as termination benefits..?
        kindly confirm & advice…
        thanks in advance….

        • In the case of limited contract compensation equivalent to the period until the end of contract or three months wage whichever is shorter ( unless employee was terminated based on the grounds of Article 120)

  • I came in Employment Visa & I worked in the Co. around 40 Days.
    But the sponsor didnt pay my salary & now he wants to cancell me
    before stamping the Visa.
    If he cancelled me, Can I complain for my Salary & Ticket charge for back home?
    Any Ban will be impose against me?

    • No you will not have any ban.You can ask for salary for what ever days you worked. If termination company has to provide you with one way ticket.

  • Good day. I complaint my company because they didn’t allowed me to take sick leave even though I had a medical certificate given by the doctor.They cancelled my off day and they making me an incedent report and and warning letter.That’s why I went to the labour and to file a complaint.I would like to ask if I should needed go to work even i’m so sick ?

    • As per UAE Labour Law sick leave will be treated in the following ways:
      Full wage for the first 15 days, half wage for the next 30 days, and without wage for any following period. The days mentioned in the above article are calendar days. But you need to show the medical certificate in all the cases.

      • Thank you very much for the feedback. Yes I did study in a small village in India and I am sure I am not the greatest writer. But considering the fact that atleast 15 newspapers and websites carry my articles, I am not that bad either. May be you could write for me if you have some spare time. Just a suggestion!

  • Dear Deepak,

    Our company is under DMCC Zone. We have an idea about the shut down of the company with in a couple of months. My contract period was for two years limited contract, and as per DMCC, they follow the same law as UAE labour law. Could you please advice on what am I entitled to?

    I have completed 1 year, haven’t gone on vacation, apart from casual or sick leave. My contract was for two years.

    is there any link that I can refer to?

    Your reply is appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • In the case of limited contract compensation equivalent to the period until the end of contract or three months wage whichever is shorter ( unless employee was terminated based on the grounds of Article 120.

  • I have a limited contract with my company expiring June 2013. I was due to go for vacation next month and last week I was told that I had to resign as company was not happy with me. I have been unjustly warned 3 times by email about my ‘unsatisfactory’ work and the company is threatening me with legal proceedings if I don’t resign. Are these warnings valid in Labor Court? I am being told that, if i resign I will get End of service benefits; whereas if I ask for termination then legal proceedings and no end of service.

    Kindly advise

    • Company cannot force anyone to resign. This is unfortunate. It is against law I believe. If employer is not happy with your job performance then employer has to terminate your contract.

      • Can the Employer cite these warnings under Article 120 and hold me accountable. Also I am going on an approved vacation without any intimation so far about my termination. Can they terminate me while on vacation?

  • i worked for unlimited contract for a period of 7 month then the employer wanted to make my salary half so i refused stating that this is not legal then in the month number 10 , i received a termination letter stating that my performance is not acceptable and i was told verbally that here is a legal way to terminate you cause you do not want to accept half the salary…
    -my offer letter stating commission and i did not receive any in the 10 month working —- same for insurance , stating after 3 month to be issued but also i did not receive any thing
    -if i go to the court – will i take ticket-end of service – annual days balance and should they pay any penalty – i did not receive any notice of bad performance in the 10 month , also i did not even take 1 leave day (sick or emergency) in the 10 month.
    -i have rent to pay and ticket to go home and i will go to the court but my question is …is it legal whats happening and what you advice me to do????
    appreciate your help as the lawyers are really expensive and i do not have the money

  • Mr. Deepak,

    I will be finishing my contract this month i have unlimited contract, if i agree with my employer to renew my visa for the time being then in the middle of my renewed contract i resigned are they going to impose ban on me.

  • Deepak,

    My contract is a limited contract and it expiring on march21. When should i give Resignation Letter to the employer.

  • hi i recenty join a restaurant in UAE as a restaurant manager ,but i find this job is not suitable for me with a number of reasons now i what to quit this company ASAP, so what will be the cost i have to give back to my employer. inDHS,

    • There is nothing stated in uae labour law that if you quit your job before the contract period you need to pay the charges. Just speak to your employer about this

  • Dear Deepak.M,

    I’m working in Abudhabi under limited contract in sales visa but as accounts assistant, due to domestic problems i have to Resign.
    As I’m breaking my contract how much i should pay to my employer.
    Please Suggest.

  • Iam working in a studio at sonapur.My visais 3rears.The manager gave me a salary of 500 dhs after a deducion of 500dhs for 8 months.Becuase i havent give any money for visa from india.My visa ends on 11-11-2012.I informed the company through fax that i am not renewing my visa.now the manager says there is a problom with the land map of studio and liscece so iwill get cancelled at 2-12-2012.till the i have to work here.We are working here for 3 years without any leave. company give 2months leave+1month leave salary after 2years.
    How much money should he give to me ?how can i calculate.
    He gives 350 dhs for food+free room
    for the second and third year he gave me 200dhs increment

  • Mr, Deepak,

    Hi, hope your doing fine, i just have a question. I am currently employed in a company here in dubai, my contract is a 3 years limited one, i already have completed 2 years of service with my company last september 2012. if just in case i am able to find a new employer and will be giving a much better salary compared to my current employer, will i be having a labor ban or company ban? hope to hear from you soon, thanks and have a nice day….

    • if you have Masters degree and salary 12k plus then only you can avoid ban. I guess there will be ban otherwise.

  • Good day everyone, just want to ask for some advice regarding labor ban. I’m currently working in Abudhabi for almost 8 months now under a 2 year contract. My salary is 2500aed with free accommodation and food, my designation is desktop engineer, with educational background qualification: graduate of bachelor degree in computer science.
    Now I’m planning to resign and look for another job due to some circumstances I’m experiencing with my present company (delay salary, 8+4hrs without ot pays, and bad food provided by the accommodation ). My concern is about the labor ban, consisting of 6 months. Would it be automatically imposed in my case? If ever im going to quit and find a new job? If it so what’s the least best I can do.
    Hoping for your “enlightening” response. Thank you

  • i had done 3 year contract with my company and now i engaged in two year contract with the same and i am going to finish it in march,, i had resigned and i am on notice period…i had heard some remours about imposing a ban i.e company ban i felt…could you please tell me that they could have such powers for imposition of the ban

  • Hi Mr. Deepak,

    I had a 2years contract visa and limited. I resigned for some reason and I’ve been on that company for only 1 year. I actually got a 1 year ban now. Should I have still a chance to apply & get hired for a freezone companies here in Dubai? or should i go out of the country?
    Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

    • For sure ban will be applicable in this case.
      To avoid ban it is better to complete the contract period and then resign

  • or do i need to lift my own ban by paying the appropriate amount?
    can I do that?

    Awaiting for you reply Sir.
    Thank you very much.

  • I have been with out a job for 2 months now after being terminated by my previous company after working there for only 6 months. With now valid reason. I got a new job now and apparently there is a ban on my name now by the government. Is this possible? As I am not the one who resigned, I was terminated.

    Please advise

  • Dear Mr. Depak,
    Due to bad financial position of the company, company is thinking to terminate few employees (including me). I have worked here only for 5 months. If the company terminates my contract, will I get ban? Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

  • my labour contract will expire on may 25 and my residence visa will be on june 28. I wish not to renew my contract anymore. I will now tender my resignation to the company, what is the last day of work I will put in my resignation letter? Am i obliged to work until june 28 or i can leave the company anytime after may 25?

    Thanking you and anxiously waiting for your reply.

    • Hi Mauren, It is always better to inform your company well in advance as per your notice period to avoid so many inconvenience.
      You can leave the company after May 25.

  • Thanks for the reply Sir.

    But can i still work in the company till june 28 if ever my employer asked me to extend till such date? and then i will be granted one month grace period after my residence visa is cancelled?

    • Hi Mauren, after the cancellation you will always have 30 days grace period. Once the visa cancelled you cannot work for that company.

  • I am employed in a private company, my joining date on the contract was 2 days ago and I signed the contract yesterday. However just today, there is a bigger company (private) hiring me with a better position and salary package. I came here in Dubai on tourist visa and my current company arranged for my employment visa.

    What could be the best action for me? I hope you could help. Many thanks.

    • Hi MIL,If your employment visa is not yet processed you can leave the job at any time considering you are on probation period.

  • my company is in bad condition, we can even get sick.i really need to get another job in good condition, but fear i’ve just started working if they close it i may fail to work in dubai

    • Hi Lucas, sorry to hear about your situation. Keep on searching for job that is only a solution.

  • sir, i am currently working with the private company under limited contract for 5.5 years (3 years + 3 years), now i wanted to terminate my service. Now my question is:
    do i need to pay 45 days to my employer?
    does my employer have a right to give a labor ban (1year)?
    how much graduity could i get?
    is, my employer will provide a free ticket going home?

    waiting for your reply,
    thank you so much

    • Hi Jason, In the limited contract to get end of service benefits you need to complete the contract period

      • Dear Mr. Depak
        i am currently working with the private company under limited contract for 3 years from 15.01,2009 to Till date, now i wanted to terminate my service.
        Now my question is:
        do i need give a legal notice to my employer?
        does my employer have a right to give a labor ban (1year)?
        how much graduity could i get?
        is, my employer will provide a free ticket going home?

        waiting for your reply,

        • Do you have any other contract from 15.01.2012?
          How can you work till now without having a contract?

  • hi .. i work in a coffeeshop here in dubai. unlimited contract for 2 years. the company is now good because of our new operation manager he is pressuring all the staff. i already for for them for 8 months.. i want to find a new job,, do i get a ban if i look for a new job without compliting a my contract and i only work for 8 months? thanks

  • Hi Deepak, I’m under Unlimited contract, working for more than 6 yrs in the company, I just got terminated from my company due to minor offence that I’m not able to perform well on my work and had more than absences within this year, however, the termination letter that I signed states nothing regarding the article 120 of UAE law but qoutes that “The final settlement will be calculated as per the UAE law” and the reason for the termination of my serive was not specified. My question is, will there still be any possibility that my gratuity will be forfieted on that manner? I’m so worried that I’m now depending on my gratuity so bad and so afraid that it will only be forfeited considering I gave my loyalty to them for more than 6 years. Please advise me Sir. I already called the MOL many times and still confused with their answers since others told me it won’t because I’ve worked for 6 years while others said it will be forfeited but only if the artilcle clearly mentioned in the termination letter. I appreciate your advise sir. Thanks.

    • Hi Frank, I dont think company will forfeit your gratuity. As they have already mentioned to you regarding the final settlement that they will calculate as per UAE Labour Law be positive.

  • hi deepak.. im sam again.. im in a unlimited contract.. i work for them for 8 months .. if i look for a job in a freezone company.. do i still get ban? if i did not finish my 2 years contract.. even i look for a freezone? thanks

  • Hello,Sir.I am just terminated from my company.I just want to know can I enter UAE again and apply another job.I have heard about the news that if I am being terminated form the current company I need to wait at least six months period.It is really?Can I check it online myself?Pls reply me.Sir.

    • You cannot check online whether you have a ban or not. You can ask your PRO to check your ban status
      If you have a six months ban You can enter UAE on visit visa but not employment visa

  • Hi Deepak
    During this month of Ramadan my employer wants me to work for 8 hours, his reason is I am not a Muslim. Is it allowed to work more than 8 hours during Ramadan, and if not, where should I complain my Employer?

  • Hi Deepak,

    I just need to know I joined recently to my company. and I am having 6 months probation. But the company needs to terminate me. So may I know is there any Ban will apply on me ?

    As well If I resign from the Job the Company can put a ban on me within this probation period.


  • Hi Dear,
    i have been terminated and requested to sing cancellation paper, and i have signed without receiving graduatity. is there any problem in getting it, if so what will should i do in order to get me due’s.

  • My company terminated me without any verbal warning or any written . As per the company the termination is with benifits ,I have already finished 3 yrs contract and my 2nd contract is for 2 yrs and I have hardly completed 6 months ,do the company pay me for the entire contract


    • How can the company terminate without giving written notice. How did you come to know that you have been terminated? company should pay the gratuity from the date of joining. Are you under probation?

  • Dear Mr. Depak
    i am currently working with the private company under limited contract for Since 15.01.2009 – til now (my contract dated 15.01.2009 to 14.01,2012 ), now i wanted to terminate my service. Now my question is:
    do i need to give any legal notice to my employer?
    does my employer have a right to give a labor ban ?
    how much graduity could i get?

    is, my employer will provide a free ticket going home?

    waiting for your reply,
    thank you so much

  • I got terminated from my job under a freezone company. Do I need to work until the 30days notice period is over?

    • It is based on the termination letter whether it is immediate or notice as per your contact agreement.

  • I got terminated from my job under a freezone company. Do I need to work until the 30days notice period is over? Thanksp

  • Hello i just wanna ask. I was given an employment visa by our company and i havent signed any contract yet. And also i havent started to work yet. I wanted to find another job. What will happen to me? Do i get a ban? How many months? And do i need to pay the visa provided by my company? Pls. Answer thank you

  • Hi,Just a quick question..I was called to UAE on employment visa,and i worked for 30 days..now the employer has terminated my contract stating vague reasons..my residence visa is also not yet stamped..if the company does not settle my dues for one month can I complain..if yes, then to whom and what would the procedure be?
    I would appreciate your earliest reply.

  • Hi Deepak,
    Im working in a private company but I want to quit as I’m nt able to continue my studies because of the job timing and schedule. I just want to know that even if I get a 6months ban and if the university provide me student visa; possible I can continue my studies in here ?

  • Hi Deepak, last March 17, 2014 – when my boss decided to stop operating our company for some reasons happened in Russia, business was in bad shape and they can’t no longer continue. I’m on a husband sponsorship so they’d provided me a DMCC labor card. Since i was out of a job, i’d decided to look for one. And luckily, i did found a job after a week in a private company. Now, my present boss asked me if my previous company did a cancellation of my labor card and i told them, i didnt even resigned/they didnt even fire me, it was just that the company just decided to stop operating and they’ll continue it after 2 months. My present boss told me that i should pass a formal resignation letter and so i did, but i didn’t get any reply from my previous boss, i also been trying to reach them but it was very impossible for me because they’d basically ignored my calls as well as my sms. I already told that to my present boss but they told me that they couldnt get me a labor card if my previous boss wouldnt cancel me. Now my question is, since my labor card was under freezone before that does affect if i work in a private company? If my previous boss dont do anything to cancel me, do I still can apply for a labor card in Dubai Ministry Of Labor, since Im working now in a private company. Please I need these two impt. Questions to be answered. Thank u so much.

    • Since you were working for freezone i dont think you will have any problem to get into private company. Just check with the immigration

  • hi.. sir im working as a domestic helper for 6 years I want to know if I will not renew my contract I have a ban?

  • My employer has not given me a copy of my contract, I have completed two years work with this person and he is not giving me a leave. I want to resign but he is saying that he will not release me. what should I do.