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So, you are looking for a job. I know the feeling. I have been there….done that.

It gets frustrating! Sometimes you lose hope and think why is this happening only to me?! Why isn’t it working out?? When I came here in the year 2005, situation in the job market was much better. As Dubai and UAE grew rapidly, there were new jobs created and at the same time lot of people came to Dubai and UAE looking for jobs.

As days and years went by, the competition grew and only those who could prove themselves through their CV, better Job Profile and good interview skills survived. Let me also tell you that I too lost my job during the recession time; not that my skills were irrelevant, but because of the bad situation of the sector I worked in.

UAE is such a place that, if you have right skills that are in demand, you will surely get job. On the other hand, you should know how and where to look for jobs.

In the email series that I will send you, I will make you familiar and introduce you to tools and resources that you should be using to that edge while hunting for jobs. In particular I will teach you about:

  • Optimising your Job Profile on Job Sites;
  • Writing effective CV and cover letter;
  • Writing emails effectively etc.

You will receive these in the form of Articles, Podcasts, Video Tutorials, e-books etc.

I wish you all the best and keep in touch!

Deepak Machado

NOTE: I am not promising you a job (No one can do that!!). But using my strategies and tips will increase your chances of getting closer to your dream job.