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On a daily basis, I receive a lot of email and comments to calculate Gratuity or End of Service Benefits. I thought it would be easier for me and you to streamline this process.

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  • Hi,
    I was working as Operations Executive in a private company. My Company has terminated me due to redundancy and granted me 2 months notice (gardening leave). If the company agrees to extend my visa for an extra 3rd month after the notice period for me to make alternate arrangements, am i still covered under the medical insurance that I was provided as an employee?
    Also are the 2 month notice period counted while calculating my Gratuity/ EOS?

  • Hi there,
    I have been terminated by my company due to redundancy. This is a private company. I have been granted 2 months notice period (gardening leave), but if the company agrees to grant me an addition 3rd month on their visa to stay in the country in order to make alternate arrangements, am i still covered under the medical insurance that they provided me as an employee?
    Also are the 2 months notice period/ gardening leave counted while calculating my Gratuity/ EOS?

  • Hi , my name is Dhaka ram bhusal , I am worked one of the relocation company in Dubai, and I have completed 7 years services and I resign, company paid me total 6 time leave salary and I have leave salary pending 1 , can I get 1 leave salary and my gratuity for 7 years. Please some one can answer I will be greatful, thanks

  • Hello, please I really need to understand a fact here;

    Is gratuity can calculated based on Basic salary as signed on the initial job contract or based on Current Total Monthly salary which you withdraw from the bank every month(assuming housing and transportation is provided) at the time of resignation?

  • Hi,
    i am an engineer and i joined consultancy company on 1st march 2015 and this coming 1st march 2017 i will be completing 2 years, my contract is limited contract of 2 years but in my labor card the contract date is different it starts from june 2015 and ends june 2017 but as i completed my two years from my joining date of 1st march 2015, i want to leave the job, if i leave will it be considered as breach of contract or it is safe as i completed 2 years. please tell me whether i will be eligible for gratuity or not and what will be my end of service benefits.

    your responses will be highly appreciated.

    thank you.

  • Hi i am a teacher in a community school in Abu Dhabi workig for around 22 years.. Now we have told that gratutity as and when we resign or retire will be paid only for 20 years of aervice as per new gratuity law.. I tried checking on the internet but could not find such a law.
    Is there such a law like this or t he school is just playing around.. Last year they did not pay any bonus as well and thats okay because thats not mandatory but after that they are now playing around with gratuity sum.. Pleaee let me know by email if possibke.. Thanks… Mushtaq

  • Hi Deepak,

    I have a query.

    1)Which salary will be considered for calculation of End of Service Benefits if the amount in Contract is not changed during each time I receives an increment ? Means Contract is not renewed for long time…say 10 years..

    2) I have only Salary Certificate as proof for my current salary. How we consider the Basic Salary and Allowances in case if it is not mentioned in the Salary Certificate which is my current salary, not the Contract amount ?

  • The problem is some employers are not paying the Gratuity and still claiming it is included in the salary which is incorrect. Fines should be imposed on individual executives of responsible departments where such a failure takes place and where such payments are paid very late, especially longer than one month after the person completes his service with the company. This should also apply to any failure to make severance payments, holiday pay, or annual leave payments etc.

    • Good point. I am now having to go to the labour Court because of that very point. It is 6 weeks since I left the company and 4 months since we began discussions. Does anyone have any experience of winning that argument?

  • Hello

    I inserted all of my details to calculate the Gratuity but for the second time getting the same message :
    “Merchant country unsupported.”

    why it is like this ?

  • Dear Deepak,

    I Joined this company on 11th June 2014, my labor card’s expiry date is 9th June 2016 while the visa expires on 24th June 2016. Now that i’m not willing to renew the contract, which date should be my last working day in June 2016. Will I also be required to write a resignation letter one month before that date.

  • company diding give my gratuity I’m working helper delivery I have 3 months left to become your years.

  • Deepak M
    Can i ask something regarding if you are terminated but u did not yet get your annual leaved and public holiday they pay also that one…

  • I’ve worked at my current company for 9 years and I have chosen to resign. I am employed on yearly contracts. End of my 6th year I was promoted within the same company and was based on the same site. Should my end of service me calculated as a consecutive 9 years or 6 years and then 3 years?

  • Dear sir
    I am working with my company on visa of electrician.but later they promoted me as bms operator.but they give me increment in written letter.right now iam working as bms operator.if I will resign now I will get graduity on my current basic salary.
    Waiting your answer.

  • SIR,

    my joining date is 01/11/1996 & in my unlimited contact my salary is 4500/-(in 2007) , basic 3000.00+1000+500, but now my salary is dhs. 8000/-, How much gratuity amount should I receive

  • Hello Sir, Ive been working in our company for 9 yrs. I am planning to tender my resignation, i just want to know how much gratuity i have and also is it possible to get the annual salary leave for 9yrs. Also we don’t have any dayoff and no payment for overtime and holidays…please let me know. Thank you

  • Dear Deepak,
    I currently work in the company since 23.12.2008 – last year I had to request an annual leave to travel back to my country of origin and change my passport due to government law, I stuck for another 2 month with paperwork and got approved unpaid leave from the company – this year I am deducted from my annual leave 5 days and my company HR told me it will affect my gratuity as well,please advice.
    Thank you.

  • I am a Security Guard. My question Sir is: I have an UNLIMITED contract that started April 20, 2010. My 1st visa was for 3 years, then 2 years and now processing for another 2 years. I asked for a copy of my contract on the 2nd renewal of visa (2013) but my office gave the same one. Office said because it is an unlimited contract. It is stated there my basic salary is AED 2,000 (Transportation & accommodation provided, no allowances). Company only give us 1,000 for Plane ticket after 2 years.

    In my first 2 years, that was the salary I was receiving (2,700 with overtime). Now I am assigned here in ADNOC already but still under Star Security. My basic now is 3,485 plus allowances so I am receiving a salary of 4,245 per month. I have been here for 3 years and 1 month. Company said, they won’t give us 1,000 plane ticket anymore because we are in ADNOC already.
    In short.
    2010 – 2012 – 2,000 basic
    2012-2015 – 3485 basic

    So with these information Sir, how can I calculate my gratuity if I will resign now? Thank you and sorry for the long letter ๐Ÿ™‚

  • SIR,

  • Dear Deepak

    I have two contract while working with a same company. From 16 Nov’09 – 16 Nov 11 as limited contract then I was transfer to new outlet on 16 Nov 11-31 May 15 as unlimited contract so what is my gratuity should be?

    Thank you very much

  • Hi Mr. Deepak,

    I am working in oil drilling company started from February 2002 up to present, my designation is a Rig Clerk with basic salary of 88 dollars a day, in absence of the Safety Training Officer they put me in the position temporarily for 3 months with basic salary of 198 dollars a day for 28 days on board the rig. my question is do i am entitled to claim my gratuity computation using my latest position salary rate?

    you help will be very much appriciated

  • Dear Sir,

    Can you tell me how much total end of the service am I eligible to get as I am on my husband sponsor ship and have signed a company contract valid from 24/3/2014 to 23/3/2016, now I have been terminated and i am on my notice period till the end of this month. My contract reads 5000 basic salary, 3000 accommodation and 2000 transport.

    you have mentioned I am eligible for 3 month salary and return ticket as I have been terminated by the company due to no business,.

    How much gratuity amount should I receive, am I entitled to get my annual leave salary as I have competed one year (including my notice period).

    Please reply,


  • i already finish my contract for 2 years last January 12, 2015 and the company renewed my contract. but their is another company who are willing to take me and give me visa for a good offer as well. what will be the procedure? do i need to pay the expenses for the renewal of my visa on my second contract? will i be in trouble to have a ban for the company and also in the labour? thank you

  • Hi, Please calculate amount which I should get after termination.

    Basic Salary: 2000 A.E.D
    Other allowances: 1000 A.E.D
    Joining & terminating date: 29-5-12 to 1-3-15
    Contract: Unlimited
    Annual leaves: 1 and half month.

    Total amount I should receive on last day 1-3-15 i.e ( gratuity + Feb salary + ——?) :

  • I have been working for more than 2.5 yrs. in Dubai.
    My designation is same in labour card, labour contract (Unlimited ) & visa but different in my signed contract (working according to this designation) of company before to start job.

    Is it illegal? Which contract is applicable?


    • Thanks a lot for quick reply Deepak.
      1. Which experience certificate they should give to me, according to current working designation (signed contract) or labour contract?
      2. Which contract is applicable for gratuity?
      3. Is there any financial or other advantage for not taking leaves?
      Plz see my leaves history & guide.

      Year Sick Causal Annual Leaves
      1st x x X, did nโ€™t take leaves
      ( company paid 45 days salary)
      2nd x x โœ“, Took 45 days leaves
      3rd 3 6 โœ“, Took 45 days leaves


      • Waseem,
        1. According to your current designation.
        2. Latest drawn basic salary should be considered.
        3. That is entirely up to the company’s leave policy. Certain companies do provide cash in lieu of leave not taken and some companies do not.

        • Deepak thanks a lot for ur guidance. plz reply me for following questions also:
          1. I’ve never been given air ticket during 2 yrs. & 8 months service . Is it fair? Also I am not given air ticket at the time of commencing work while it is written in my labour contract. May I claim for it also?
          2.How many sick, casual or other leaves in a yr. ?
          3.How long employee can stay in company accommodation after resignation/termination?

          • Thanks Deepak. U r not less than an angel. Ur quick valuable help is awesome. I think employee can stay 1 month even after resignation/termination. Plz check it & confirm it to me.
            Article 131
            2 – In the event where the employer provides the worker with accommodation , the worker shall vacate the accommodation within thirty days from the date of termination of the employment thereof
            Title Seven (Termination of Employment Contract and End of Service Gratuity)

          • Hi Deepak, Plz answer for following questions:

            1. Which contract is better for employee limited or unlimited?
            2.when will my 3 yrs. of service will complete for gratuity?

            My joining date in company is 29-5-12 while in my labour contract it is written “the duration of this agreement shall be unlimited as from
            20-6-12 to ——“

          • Thx for ur reply.
            Q. Is it fair?
            In our school, all Employees are categorized into teaching(teachers) & admin staff ( lab attendant & assistant, Librarian, Operational Manager etc.)
            Teachers Admin
            Annual leaves 2 months 45 days
            Winter vacations More than 2 Weeks 1 Week
            Off Fri & Sat Fri off but Sat 1/2 Day

            Work timings Mon-wed sun-thu
            (7:40 a.m – 4:00 p.m) 7:40 a.m – 5 p.m
            sun & Thu sat
            (7:40 a.m – 2:00 p.m) 9:00 a.m-1:00p.m

          • Sorry for writing again as earlier writing was not appearing appropriately.

            Is it legal/fair?
            Annual leaves: 2 months
            Winter vacations: More than 2 Weeks
            Off: Fri & Sat
            Work timings
            Mon-wed (7:40 a.m โ€“ 4:00 p.m)
            Sun & Thu (7:40 a.m โ€“ 2:00 p.m)

            Annual leaves: 45 days
            Winter vacations: 1 Week
            Off: Fri
            Work timings
            Sun-Thu (7:40 a.m โ€“ 2:00 p.m)
            Sat (9:00 a.m-1:00p.m)

  • Hi sir, thank you very much good advice
    I am Main Uddin I am working DMCC free zone my contract is unlimited I finished my service 2 years 7 months in this time i am not received any annual leave now I regained my contract my full salary 3000 aed and my basic salary 1500 aed so now what rights should i get by UAE low please help me. thank you very much.

  • Gratuity Calculator does not work. I have tried 3 different credit cards each with a different country of origin and none are accepted. JOKE!!!

  • Hi, Mr. Deepak
    I would to ask if you have a detailed policy on annual leave pay salary that I can used as a pattern in making our company policy about it..

  • Dear Deepak, Many Thanks for your valuable advises. If a person took his annual leave days partly how the weekends should be treated? like if he took leave on Thursday and Sunday. How many days should be deducted from his 30 annual leave days in a year? 2 or 4? Also If he took 2 days leave following the weekends: If Company weekends are Friday and Saturday and he took leave on Sunday and Monday, How many days will go from his annual leave ? 2 or 4?


    • Hafeez,
      What is the employee entitled to? Working days leave or calendar days leave.
      In case of calendar days leave, 3 days. In case of working days, only 1 day.

  • I’m under the Unlimited Contract, I will finish my contract on November 27, 2014 and my joining date is November 8, 2012. Do I entitled to have a end-service gratuity? and How much please it will be? Thanks

  • Hi Zia,

    I completed 04 years and 11 months and all of sudden got termination letter with false reason, my contract is unlimited.
    Do company can terminate staff, just like that or they must give 3 warning letter before termination? as per my last promotion letter i have 45days, does this will include in my days of work and i will get 5years gratuity? because company refused it, they said, “we will pay you 21days”. Thanks Sanjay

  • hello sir, i would like know my calculations of my dues , i am working as general Foreman in private company in fujairah, my visa is unlimited, i joined duty on 28/04/2013. i got increment on April, 2014. Today company has given me notice of 30 days that my last duty on 17/12/2014, then mentioned in notice that my work is disappointed and poor performance. my visa will complete on 27/04/2015, so please mention that what can i get from company as per labour law, my basic salary 3,000 AED, thank you

  • Hi there Mr.Deepak.
    You are dishing out a lot of beneficial Info. Thanks a ton for that!

    My Dad has been working in a company since 1997. They have asked him to quit the job. (Note: He did not resign by himself, but they asked him to leave as they could not run it properly [due to losses , I presume])
    He signed the Agreement regarding the above.

    His Original basic salary was 3200 AED, But later (since last 5 years) it was changed to AED 4600.
    He was entitled to benefits like Ticket Salary , Paid leave etc. but never got them.
    The company asked for his Passport to cancel the Visa.

    My Questions are –
    1 – Would his children’s Visas(which are under his sponsorship) be cancelled as soon as His Visa is Cancelled?
    2 – Can he complain to the court if his company refuses to pay the full gratuity? (and can they have any solid reason not to pay it)
    3 – Will there be a Labour ban/ Immigration Ban?

    Thanks Again

  • Hi sir i am working in Ras al khaimah free zone i have finished 3 years limited agreement so how much gratuity per year

    • Marcy,
      Under maintenance. I received more than 70 requests in a day. I can’t do all of it.
      I am thinking of automating it. Will take some time! Sorry!