Calculate Gratuity – Free Service for those with less than AED 5000 salary

I am aware that those below 5K salary in UAE are not eligible for Credit Cards. Hence, I have made this service Free for those who earn less than 5K monthly salary.


    • Dear Deepak,

      I would like to know how much gratuity will I get for 2 yrs end of contract,
      I joined 08-08-2014 and End of 08-08-2016?

      • Cheryll- If you are under Limited type contract, you are entitled for 42 days (21 days per year x 2 yrs = 42 days) of basic salary in total, IF- under unlimited then 14 days (7 days per yea x 2 yrs = 14 days).
        Hope it helps. Cheers.

  1. HI I am working under a unlimited contract with my company for 2 yrs and 3 months. I took a voluntary termination. I would like to know how to calculate my gratuity
    Start date is 20/03/2014 and end date is 30/06/2016

  2. how about when you finished a two year contract ? are you entitled to receive an end of service gratuity ?

  3. Dear deepak,

    I hope you are doing good. I just want to clarify something regarding the computation of my gratuity.

    I completed 4 years. But the 1st 2 years is under limited contract with basic salary of 2000aed and after renewal my contract changed to unlimited contract with basic salary if 5000aed.
    How to compute the gratuity? is it different per contract or it should be the latest basic salary?

    Thank you so much.

  4. Hi! Thank you for this site. I learned a lot about our rights as employees. I just want to ask something, I want copy of an article stating tha the computation of gratuity is based on last paid salary. Hoping for your kind response. Thank you and more blessings

  5. Dear Sir,

    I worked with my previous company for 3 yrs and 7 months under unlimited contract . My last widraw salary was 2,400 and I used 15 days of my annual leave for the last 7 months in company for yeAR 2015. I have 1 regular day off per week. How much I will get as a graduity. Plz help me calculate the accurate amount. Thanks and best regards.

  6. Dear Deepak,

    hope you are doing well, i have a question confusing me, i start to work with a company since august 2010, after 2 years my basic salary increase, and then after another 2 years it increased again, and now i finished 5 years in the same company, how it suppose to be calculated, it will be calculated according to the last paid Basic salary or depends on each salary ??

  7. Hi .. I signed ( Freezone) Contract.. Started March 26,2012 until now.. I just came from annual vacation. ( July 9 – August10,2015) . I’m planning to file a resignation tomorrow August 11,2015. How much will be my graduity if my basic salary is 2500 only? Please advise

  8. Dear sir,

    I currently working engineering consultants company since 14.09.2008,i want to resign ,my basic salary is 2000 and my contract is unlimited,how much is my gratuity,pls help me

  9. Dear Deepak,
    I hope you are doing good. I wanted to ask something from you.

    I am currently working in a company for almost two years. My labour
    card has also expired on 8/July/2015. I have given my resignation
    to my company on 4/July/2015. My employment visa is still not cancelled
    by the company as I am currently in my one month notice period.

    I have an offer from another company as an accountant and my new employer
    asked for attested copies of my degree to file a visa for an accountant. I have
    send my degree to U.K for attestation because my university is in London.
    My question here is that my attested documents will come to me by 7/Aug/2015.
    My passport shows my visa expiry date of 11/Aug/2015. Do I need to exit U.A.E ?
    If yes than what will be the last date till I can live legally in U.A.E ?

    My new employer said that once he will file the visa the visa will come soon and I
    won’t be needing to exit U.A.E because he will pay 600 something Dirhams to the
    immigration and then I do not need to exit U.A.E.

    So can I live in U.A.E after 11 august and wait for my new visa
    here only without going back to my home country ?? Is it possible ??
    If not then do I have to pay fines for the number of days I will stay until my new visa will come ??

    Kindly please advice.
    Will wait for a response from your side.


    • Mohammad,
      After cancellation of your visa, you will have 30 days as grace period.
      During this time, if your new company can obtain labour approval and entry permit, you could change your status while in the country
      On the other hand, if your current employer insists that you exit UAE after cancellation, you are obliged to.

      Engage in a meaningful discussion, Visit:

  10. Hi sir my basic salary is 3500,how much gratuity that I can get to the company I’m working there for 1 year.tnx

  11. hi deepak,

    I cannot submit the calculation my basic salary is 2,190 and my joining date is 08/01/2012 edn date is 24/02/2015 and i took only once vacation. Please help me how to calculate and they did not give my February salary.

    • Jasmin,
      Please use Chrome/Firefox browser.
      Can’t track requests in comments for calculations.

  12. I requested for the basic salary gratuity computation for 2750
    date join 02-July-2011
    End date 03-July-2015
    Unlimited contract

    but I don’t received the computation in my email. or is it take time to receive?

  13. My basic salary is 2200,how much the gratuity that i can get to the company,im working there for 4 years and 10 months,thank you…

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