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Amazon, how big is it?

Amazon…….or Amaze on? In the UAE we have several e-commerce sites like, and many others. These portal mainly serve GCC or MENA at most. However, I know that they are efficient in what […]

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Reem Finance Ramadan Promotions 2012

Reem Finance Ramadan Promotion for Personal Finance(Loans), Car Finance(Loans), Business Loans Reem Finance Abu Dhabi is having their Ramadan Promotions starting today, 15-07-2012 and will run till the end of Ramadan 2012. Reem Finance is […]

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What is IBAN-International Bank Account Number

We have all heard in the recent past about IBAN-International Bank Account Number. In simple words IBAN numbers are a way to convey, with a single number, all the information required to identify a specific bank […]