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Job Tips

3 things to remember when looking for a job!

Looking for jobs? Read this article. Whether you are a fresh graduate¬†eager to start your career or an experienced professional seeking a change in your job, you need to start at the same point, and […]

emirates diary podcast

EDP003: Labour Ban (Podcast)

Episode 3 – Emirates Diary Podcast – Labour Ban & issuing of New Work permits Episode 3 of Emirates Diary touches on the very important and most talked about topics on Emirates Diary Blog: Labour […]

termination podcast

EDP002: Termination of Contract (Podcast)

Emirates Diary Podcast – Episode 2 – Termination In the Emirates Diary Podcast episode, you will hear about Deepak and Thenji discuss about Ministerial Decree 765 which covers Termination of Employment Contract under Limited Contract […]