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Mr. Money

What is overdraft (od) account?

What is Overdraft (od) account? An Overdraft (popularly known as ‘OD’) account simply means the money withdrawn once your bank account balance is below zero and goes into negative balance. It literally means that the […]

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Events in UAE

Red Bull X-Fighters in Dubai 2012

The best FMX(Freestyle Motorcross) ¬†riders from around the world will descend on Dubai on the 15th April 2012 to compete for the coveted title Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2012, taking place in 6 iconic […]

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UAE Tips

How to say numbers in Arabic?

Arabic Numbers – How to say? Many times i come across vendors in UAE using Arabic numbers to say the price of items. Although I understand few of the numbers, most of the time I […]